North Indian Meal Plan

North Indian Meal Plan

India is a very large country full of diversities – linguistically, culturally, religiously, and food. Cuisines of India differ from the region and every region has its own distinct culinary diversity. Your dietary habits change based on the set of (region, religion, religious subgroup, caste).

Here we are including the list of only North Indian food which is most spicy, tangy, and made with a perfect blend of spices. Weekdays are always busy and you are always in confusion about what to make that is healthy for your family. So we are bringing you with a meal plan, especially for those who are very busy yet have to take time to prepare nutritious food.

In North India lentil with rice is generally made for lunch and vegetable with roti for dinner. This is may vary from place to place as Punjabis usually make dal for dinner and vegetables for lunch. We love stuffed parathas with a lot of butter and curd so my menu includes different types of parathas for breakfast.

I am going with a simple menu what north Indians usually have. I don’t have the individual recipes for all and will try to update all the links soon after posting them.

Meal planning is important as you can efficiently use the available grocery items, the need was felt during the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic when essential services were not available easily. No matter if you are a working person, stay-at-home Mom, or work from your home person food is needed to be cooked freshly at home always.

This meal planner is specially designed based on my family’s likings and includes only vegetarian options and the one who prefers non-vegetarian cooking can accommodate their liking as per their wish. I don’t do any prep-work for cooking and everything I use is freshly cut and prepared. Even I prefer to make dough fresh as it hardly takes 5 minutes to make the dough, rather than using the old dough kept in the fridge.

You just need to make a grocery list for the week during the weekend which might include 4 or 5 vegetables, coriander, onions, and tomato. Dal, you can save in jars ahead of each month and make it as per your liking. You need to keep basic dals in your cabinet like channa dal, urad dal, Black urad, Arhar dal, Moong dal, Urad dal, Rajmah, and black and white channa.

Here’s a list of healthy Indian food that you can prepare you can add a lot of variation as per your liking. Sometimes you are short of time and can just prepare dal khichdi, jeera aloo, or paneer bhurji, or stuffed paratha.


Breakfast – Aloo Paratha
Lunch – Dal with Rice and Raita
Dinner – Cauliflower sabji with roti


Breakfast – Methi Paratha
Lunch – Aloo Matar with rice and roti
Dinner – Baigan ka bharta


Breakfast – Gobi Paratha
Lunch – Lauki Ke Kofte with roti
Dinner – Bhindi sabji with roti


Breakfast – Mooli Paratha
Lunch – Dal makhani with rice
Dinner – Capsicum curry or filled capsicum


Breakfast – Besan Chila with Paratha
Lunch – Chane ki dal with rice
Dinner – Gatte ki sabji with roti

For Saturday and Sunday, you can prepare something tasty and different as you got time for making it.

Breakfast – Aloo Toast, Aloo Puri, Bread pakora.
Lunch – Rajma and rice, Chole Bature, Kadhi pakora with rice.
Dinner – Pulao/Biryani, Paneer with roti, Sarson ka saag with maki ki roti.

I hope sharing this meal plan will help you or you get some inspiration and plan your cooking accordingly. Happy Cooking!

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