Thalipeeth: Maharashtrian Healthy Snack

Thalipeeth: Maharashtrian Healthy Snack

Rotis are a necessary addition to Indian cuisine. In reality, there are several roti preparations. It may be produced not just with wheat flour but also with millets and pulses. Bhajani Thalipeeth in Maharashtra is one such case. It’s a hearty and tasty flatbread. 

Thalipeeth is the most loved food of Maharashtra that is  multigrain, gluten-free roti/flatbread / savory pancake that may be used as a healthful breakfast, a quick high protein mid-meal, or an accompaniment for curries and bhaji. Thalipeeth is traditionally produced using a blend of millet and roasted dal (pulses/lentils) flour, making it naturally gluten-free. This millet and lentil flour mixture is known as bhajani.

What exactly is Thalipeeth?

Thalipeeth is traditional marathi food and most loved. The thalipeeth bhajani flour is used to make this savory multigrain flatbread. The term comes from the way the dough is molded using the palm. In Maharashtra, it is a favorite breakfast and evening snack.

Thalipeeth is made and consumed in several ways in Maharashtra. Some people like to season the batter with chopped coriander and onions, while others prefer it plain. It goes well with dahi (yoghurt) or mango pickle on the side. 


The dish is popular in Maharashtra and north Karnataka and is also made with regional variations in Goa. Thalipeeth is a famous dish of Maharashtra named from the method of shaping the dough with the palm. 

This bread is rolled using a muslin cloth. After that, it is cooked in very little oil, making it a great diet meal and a nutritious breakfast recipe. Thalipeeth is flattened in this manner because the dough does not contain gluten and hence cannot be rolled or stretched into form. Thalipeeth is also called dhapata in some areas for a similar reason – dhapata means to pat (into shape).

What exactly is Thalipeeth flour composed of? 

Thalipeeth bhajani flour combines roasted grains, lentils, and spices. Bhajane means “to burn” in Maharashtra. So, Bhajani is a flour combination made by roasting and milling healthy grains separately. The wheat is more accessible to the stomach when the grains are roasted before grinding. Using multigrain flour in pancakes increases their nutritional value.

Grains like rice, wheat, bajra, and jowar, legumes like chana and urad, and spices like coriander and cumin seeds are among the ingredients. When creating the dough, various ingredients like onions, fresh coriander, other vegetables, and spices are added. It’s a nutritious powerhouse, with many nutrients packed into a single flour blend. Thalipeeth bhajani recipe, one of the most delicious and healthy Maharashtrian meals, is filled with the exquisite flavour of all legumes.

Why is roti or plain bhakri, in contrast, unsatisfactory?

Thalipeeth, which comprises a variety of nutrients, is another nutritious option for wheat roti. Thalipeeth includes some wheat, yet this does not diminish its health advantages. Thalipeeth contains roasted tapioca, rajgira, coriander, cumin, wheat, and rice. You may prepare dough with thalipeeth flour just like conventional wheat flour, but the texture will be hard – since health and a heated body come at a cost! You may cut it into little discs and serve it with veggies and pickles.

You only obtain a limited amount of nutrients or benefits when you make a simple bhakri made of jowar, bajra, or rice. However, multigrain flour, such as thalipeeth bhani, provides the advantages of multiple grains and pulses. The nutritional value is higher, and the thalipeeth already has all the ingredients that should be included in your diet. It is created using gluten-free atta! The thalipeeth bhajani dish is even more healthful than a plain bhakri. 

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Is thalipeeth bhajani good for you? 

Now that we know what thalipeeth is made of, let us consider the myriad benefits it may give us. Maharashtrian Thalipeeth is a versatile snack that can be made at any time and is not only tasty but also nutritious. 

This delicious and healthful meal option is substantial in protein. Protein aids in the formation and repair of cells, hormones, and enzymes, as well as providing your body with much-needed energy. 

This multigrain diet option is high in energy and keeps you feeling satisfied and full for long periods. Thalipeeth’s high fibre content suits your gut and helps keep your digestive system balanced. 

Onions are abundant in antioxidants, and the vitamin C content helps with immune system development.

Where can I purchase the finest Thalipeeth bhajani online? 

Because my entire family enjoys thalipeeth, I always have a massive batch of flour mix on hand. Thalipeeth bhajani was traditionally prepared at home. Nonetheless, it has grown difficult due to people’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyles. People have resorted to relying on store-bought thalipeeth bhajani, widely available in the market, in such a circumstance. I’d tried a few brands before but couldn’t get the flavour I wanted.

I came across Aazol when looking for thalipeeth flour online. It is a Maharashtrian company that distributes homemade food products throughout the state and promotes the flavour of Marathi cuisine! This thalipeeth bhajani atta has gotten great feedback, so it was a no-brainer for me! 

It is simple to use and efficient. Upasachi thalipeeth bhajani has simplified my life. I make thalipeeth virtually every day, almost like a multigrain roti. I can’t say enough good things about it. This is a must-try for everyone who values health and wellness. Prove it to yourself. Their website is Aazol .

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