Monday, August 21, 2017


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World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) – May 31

Theme for World No Tobacco Day 2017 is "Tobacco - A threat to development" 31st May is World No Tobacco Day focuses on awareness of...

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in India

Ask any couple in the throes of wedding planning and they will most likely tell you the thing they’re looking forward to the most...

AmazonFresh Pickup Is Open to Public.

If you are an Amazon Prime member in Seattle you can pick your grocery from AmazonFresh Pickup. Just shop online to order your groceries at...

Top Highlights of India.

Top 25 Highlights of India. 1. Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh Taj Mahal rises from the beaten earth of Uttar Pradesh as it dies in dreams,...
Indian Passport

List of Countries Indians can Visit without a Visa

As a Indian you can travel some countries without a visa, while there are some countries who provide visa on arrival making it easy...
India in june

Best places to Visit India in the Month of June

Summers in India are most ruthless, where may is he hottest and June brings pleasant showers that confirms the arrival of monsoon. While June...

World Hypertension Day – 17th May

World Hypertension Day is initiated to promote public awareness of hypertension. The day is dedicated for prevention and control of hypertension globally, a silent...
Dubai Airport

Visa-on-arrival for Indians having US visa or green card

UAE Cabinet have approved Visa-on-arrival for Indians passport holder who hold a valid US visa or a green card. This comes as a great...

The Eight Limbs Or Steps Of Yoga

There are eight limbs, or steps, in the practice or on the path of yoga. They are: 1. Yama, the restraint or control of our behavior....
Honey And Cinnamon

Honey And Cinnamon A Magic Mixture

  The combination of Honey and Cinnamon have been used since centuries in Ayurveda and can cure most disease like weight loss, acne, bladder infections,...