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The culture of India is one of the oldest and unique. In India, there is amazing cultural diversity throughout the country. The South, North, and Northeast have their own distinct cultures and almost every state has carved out its own cultural niche. There is hardly any culture in the world that is as varied and unique as India. India is a vast country, having a variety of geographical features and climatic conditions. India is home to some of the most ancient civilizations, including four major world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

RitiRiwaz.com is your one-stop guide to Indian Culture and Traditions. We provide you with information on various aspects of the great Indian culture and its diversity. RitiRiwaz is a leading online portal service company that provides a comprehensive network of essential services for Indian web users around the globe. Some of the services, we provide are news updates, sports news, travel blog (travelog), entertainment, jobs in India, classifieds, online directory, and more. This site is dedicated to promoting that fusion of cultures that makes India such a dynamic society.

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