15 Interesting Facts about Indian Food

15 Interesting Facts about Indian Food

India is a beautiful and culturally rich country. The harmony of its various cultures comes together seamlessly and is reflected in its food, making it deliciously unique. Indian food is one of the richest and most elaborate foods in the world, which is famous for its aromatic spices, colors, and beautiful flavors. Indian cuisine carries a variety of regional cuisines; quite different from each other. Indian cooking methods are also very different across the country.

Most Indian cooks adhere to an Ayurvedic principle that says that every dish should contain six key elements of taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. That means that, in any given dish, you’ll experience all those flavors at once. Depending on what part of India you visit the cuisine will vary greatly. Whether you like spices, vegetarian dishes, meats, pastries, or sweets you will most certainly find a dish you will love when you explore India’s wonderful foods. Vegetable curries are a mainstay of many regions in the country, and you will find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options avaliable on any menu.

Indian food system according to Ayurveda (India’s ancient medicinal system) are classified into

Sattvic Food – Saatvic food comprises fresh vegetables and juices and is considered to have a positive and purifying effect on the body.

Rajasic Food – Raajsic food consist of spices and oily things that drives ambition, competition, and egotistic pursuits.

Taamsic Food – Taamsic food comprises Meat and liquor that are difficult to digest and have a negative effect on the mind and body.

The interesting fact about Indian Food

1.India is a land of spices and uses most of the spices while cooking food every day that makes it more healthy. About 70% of world spice comes from India.

Spice box

2. In every kitchen, you will find a spice box that will contain the generally used spices, like, turmeric, masala, chili powder, coriander, cumin, and salt.

3. According to Indian theory, our food has 6 different flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent, and spicy. A proper Indian meal should balance all of the 6 flavors with one or two flavors standing out.

4. If you see the cuisine map of India you will be amazed by the varieties of food eaten here.

5. Chutneys are delicious side dish which adds perfect flavors to your food.

Indian sweets

6. Mithais or sweet dish is an important part of Indian cuisines and special during important ceremonies like wedding, Food is not over until you have something sweet in the end.

7. Greek, Roman, and Arab traders have contributed a lot in adding foreign flavors to Indian cuisine.

8. All the food in homes is made from scratch. Like for making flatbread (Roti, Paratha) the flour is made into dough and then into flatbread almost every time meals are prepared.

9. Each region has its own cooking method, spices, and traditional ingredients which gives it a unique taste.

10. South Indian cuisines use coconut, curry leaves, and mustard seeds in almost every dish.

11. India is home to bhut jolokia or ghost pepper the world hottest chilies grown in states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur.

12. Pepper is known as the king of spices as it goes well with everything. Just add salt and pepper to any bland food and it will taste amazing.

Eating Food by hand

13. For proper table etiquette, do use your hands to eat. In South India, it is a custom to eat with hands.

14. Indians eat food late. Breakfast starts at 10 am, lunch at 1:30 and dinner can be at 9 pm.

15. In most households maids help them to prepare food and clean up, making your cooking 10 times easier.

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