Breads | Indian Breads

Breads | Indian Breads

In India, bread is eaten more in the northern regions of the country because of its dry climate. There is a variety of breads consumed in India like roti, naan, and paratha. Indian roti is flat and cooked on a tava or cast-iron griddle. It can also be cooked in a tandoor.

Roti is thin and made of atta (wholewheat). The naan is soft and fluffy and is made from plain flour with a little bit of yeast. Parathas are layered bread made of wheat flour but fried in little oil. The bread is prepared according to one’s own taste and imagination. That is why in India we have a variety of bread like plain naan, garlic naan, methi roti, aloo paratha, puri, bhature, etc.


Aloo ParathaAloo Paratha

Similarly, you can form various forms of Paratha by varying the content used to fill in the paratha.

  • Use egg mixture to fill into the paratha and form Egg Paratha
  • Using grated gobhi makes Gobhi Paratha
  • Using matar as the filling makes Matar Paratha
  • Using methi as the filling makes Methi Paratha
  • Using palak as the filling makes Palak Paratha
  • Using paneer to fill into paratha makes Paneer Paratha

lachhaLachha Paratha

besan roti Besan Ki Roti
missiMissi Roti
rumaliRumali Roti

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