India Weather In January

India Weather In January

January is time for winters in India, with warm sunny days and colder nights. The day temperature can heat up to 20-28°C with the sun, while temperatures of hills like Himachal Pradesh will be colder to 10°C. In South India temperatures in the day, time is typically 30°C and we have cooler nights. The rain and clouds are rare in Northern and Central areas, however, fog is persistent around the North. Some of the Northeastern regions may experience Scattered light rain in January month, but the rest of the country is dry this month.

The weather of mountains in January

In the North, the Himalayas are covered with snow this time of the year and the perfect time to venture into hills if you love snow. High altitude places like Shimla, Dharamsala, Manali, and Srinagar will experience temperatures below 10°C. It is a great month to ski and Gulmarg in Kashmir is an excellent destination to do so, you can also opt for some smaller resorts of Manali and Auli in Himachal Pradesh.

Weather in North India in January

In North India, January is a pleasant time as the temperature is around 20 to 28°C in the daytime and gets cooler up to 15 to 5°C at night. At the time of the year, you will be safe from the rain in North and Central India, however, the fog problem is there in Delhi, Agra, and a lot of air and train traffic are affected because of it. Rajasthan is also the most visited place in January as the days are perfectly warm not unbearable hot like in summers.

Weather in Northeast India in January

January is the best month to visit North East India as the weather is quite pleasant during this time. The average temperatures at lower elevations in the mid to high teens centigrade and at the night the temperature is around 6°C or 7°C, but clear skies.

The temperatures in the mountainous region of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland hover around a maximum of 14°C and a sub-zero minimum temperature. Tawang area receives heavy snow during this period. Lower altitude regions such as Mizoram and Tripura are blessed with mild winters that exude pleasant temperatures and enable you to navigable plains. In general, this season sparkles with crisp air and a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Weather in South India in January

January is the perfect time to visit South India like Kerala and Goa as the days are not hot and neither too cold, with plenty of sunshine the day temperature is normally about 25°C in the day. At night it’s around 15-20°C with a cooler breeze to enjoy. This is the peak time for travelers as the days are warm not too hot like in summers making it unbearable. Just the downside of visiting South India in January is the crowd, being the peak of tourist season you will visit a lot of other people and everything will be packed to its fullest.

Generally, the weather is pleasant in the month of January and not too cold, however, hills are colder with snow and South India is the best place to visit in January.

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