The Best Oily Skin Care Routine For You

The Best Oily Skin Care Routine For You

The first and foremost thing is understanding your skin type so that you can give the right treatment for your skin type. Oily skin has large pores and is shiny, it produces oil more than enough, because of which blackheads and pimples are caused.

People that have oily skin have to take special care to keep its shine down during the day, Oil in the skin may be a result of genetics, hormone, stress, cosmetics, seasonal changes, medication or diet. There are some advantages of having oily skin as oil in your skin keeps it hydrated and it is less prone to wrinkles and ages at a slower rate.

But the most important fact for oily skin is its care routine, you need a proper care routine to make your oily skin well maintained for that the first step is. Basic Skin Care Tips


For oily skin cleansing twice a day is recommended so that oil remains out of pores which prevents pimples and blackheads from occurring. It would be best if you wash your face two or three times a day, and keep blotting sheets with you to remove the excess oil from your skin if you are not able to wash the face.

Now a day you can get a lot of face wash options to choose from the market which will keep your skin clean from oil and dirt and prevent your pores from clogging. There are medicated soaps as well as herbal products to use, gel-based cleansers are best to use don’t use abrasive cleaners which will strip your skin from natural moisture.


Toning is an important step after cleansing it, it helps to complete the work of the cleanser by removing the dirt and eliminating the excess of oil.

Toner goes deep inside the pores and cleanse the skin completely, but take extra care of the type of toner you use it should be mild and alcohol-free and other harsh ingredients like menthol which will cause your skin to dry out fast and cause the skin to produce more oil.

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The next very important step after toning is the moisturizer, oily skin is hydrated on its own but don’t skip moisturizer as after cleansing your skin it got dry and it will enable the glands to produce more oil and can cause a further problem. so the best method is to use a mild, oil-free, water-based moisturizer after cleansing that won’t clog your pores but will keep your skin well hydrated.

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Exfoliation is removing the dead skin cells and clearing up your pores from pollutants. Exfoliating for oily skin is a must once or twice a week, the dead skin cells are a result of pimples, black, and whiteheads, and will make your skin look dull. Use gentle scrubs that don’t dry your skin and help you to eliminate dirt and clean your skin surface from dead skin cells and renew it. The best option is to use exfoliate-containing Salicylic Acid.

Face Mask

After you exfoliate your skin you need to apply the face mask to your skin, it can be done weekly. The face mask will absorb the excess oil from your skin and clean the pores to the core removing blackheads and pimples softening your skin and making it glow.

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Your skin is so oily that you prefer to skip sunscreen, but you need to use sunscreen to keep UVA and UVB rays away from your skin. Pick a sunscreen that has a non-oily formula that will make your skin protected plus leave your skin grease-free, residue-free.

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Cleanse your skin at Night

Let your skin breathe at night and for it removes all your makeup and wash your face with a mild face wash and lukewarm water so that your skin is free from cosmetics and can breathe while you sleep.

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