The Best Routine for Dry Skin Care

The Best Routine for Dry Skin Care

Knowing your skin type is a foremost tip for your skincare, if your skin is rough, dry, or scaly looks red and has more wrinkles than you have dry skin.

In order to maintain the perfect charm of your skin, you need to follow certain skin care routines which will keep your skin glowing and healthy.

You can divide the dry skincare routine into two parts:


First is splashing your face with warm water and then cleansing it with some moisturizing cleanser avoid cleanser with alcohol it will dry your skin more.  Use warm water while cleansing as hot water will dry your skin further and strip away precious oil from your skin.

After cleaning skin apply a gentle toner, toning for dry skin is optional as a toner just works to cleanse your skin thoroughly try to use toner which moisturizes your skin.

After your skin is cleaned apply a creamy moisturizer which will help your skin from drying, apply while your skin is still damp this will lock in the hydration let it get absorbed by your skin.

Now apply your day cream or sunscreen which will keep your skin soft and well hydrated throughout the day. Even during the day make sure that you moisturize your skin be it at lunch intervals, also apply lip balm to lock the moisture of your lips. Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day by drinking a lot of water.

Try exfoliating your skin once a week to get rid of dead cells so that your skin looks clean and even.

You can use a homemade face mask for dry skin once a week that will make your skin properly hydrated and well moisturized.

Night Before Bed

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Dry skin needs extra care before going to sleep, splash your face with lukewarm water and apply a gentle cleanser and wash it off. Now apply a night cream or creamy moisturizer which will nourish your skin while you sleep. To get the glowing and healthy skin you have to follow the routines plus you have to remain well hydrated and eat healthy food.

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