10 Tips On How To Look more Photogenic

10 Tips On How To Look more Photogenic

You must be aware some people got a photogenic face they look amazing in all photos taken and in today’s world social media rules and being photogenic is of utmost importance.

You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more accounts and daily you can see people updating their photos but if you don’t look good in that photo then what’s the point in sharing it.

Have you ever wondered how the models manage to look damn good in their every pose, you just have to learn some of the photogenic skills and we are sure you will definitely change the way you pose for any camera from now on.

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1. The first tip is blinking so that you don’t get a photo with your eyes closed. If you tend to blink while the picture is taken then just close your eyes and open them slowly before the camera clicks.

2. Think of angles, facing the camera squarely will not give your features more depth, so think of turning your head slightly.

3.  Try a light background behind you, this will help brighten your face and the photo will get the right balance of colors.

4. Avoid standing under a light as this will cause shadows on your face, instead of standing facing the light source so that your face gets a perfect glow in the photo.

5. Forget the age-old tradition of saying cheese, rather think of something funny. Best would joke while you are getting clicked as this will create the natural glow in your face rather than a fake smile.

6. When you are in for a group photo never stand closest to the camera, as this will make you look large in proportion to others in the photo.

7. A photo that was taken from above will always be better than a shot from below, so take care if you are taller than the one who is clicking the photo better have a seat and then get clicked.

8. Let the photographer have more than one shot as you don’t know in which shot you will be happy with, as photography is the game of averages.

9. The best pose is the “red carpet pose“, put your hands on your hip and angle your body to the side, while the head toward the camera. It will make you look slimmer.

10. And the last is have a look at your old photos and try to spot the best poses you look comfortable in, like the specific way you smile, or like the way you look from a certain angle and next time you are getting a photo clicked remember how you look good.

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