Gorakshasana (Yogi Gorakhnath’s’ pose)

Gorakshasana (Yogi Gorakhnath’s’ pose)

Goraksha Asana (गोरक्षासन) is also called Bhadra Asana. It is a seated pose in hath yoga with the soles of the feet either pressed together and the knees on the ground, or the heels under the body. A person has to concentrate on the mooladhar chakra in this asana and this asana helps in awakening Kundalini Chakra.

This asana eliminates the grossness of the body. This asana is mostly used for meditation and tantric practice. You can practice this asana as long as you feel comfortable, according to your capacity.


This asana is named Goraksha Asana because Mahaguru Gorakshnath used to practice it. Yogi Gorakshanath often used to sit in this posture hence the asana is named after him. This asana gives accomplishment to the yogis.

How to do it

  • Spread the yoga mat on the floor and sit in a normal position.
  • Now bend both of your legs from the knees and join the soles of both legs in the front.
  • Put your palms of both hands on the knees, open the fingers and keep the thumb near the root of the index finger.
  • Keep the posture of your body and hands straight. Remember the body should be straight and not bent.
  • The main focus point in this posture is to sit straight. Do not hunchback but keep the spine straight and relax your shoulders. Keep the spine straight and look towards the front. Sit comfortably for as long as you can with normal breathing.
  • Nasikagra drishti or nose-tip gazing can be practiced in this pose.
  • During the practice of Gorakshasana, the focus is on two chakras, the first is the Muladhara and the second is the Vishuddhi chakra. Thus this position of the body is called Gorakshasana.

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Gorakshasana makes you healthier, happier, stronger, and more vibrant. Gorakshasana is special because it slows down and eventually reverses the process of aging.

Goraksha Asana makes feet and legs extremely flexible. Food gets digested well by its practice. It helps to awaken the kundalini Shakti of a person. It tones the reproductive system and helps in relieving piles and urinary disorders. This asana provides energy to the joints, nerves, and arteries. This asana is also useful for the lower portion of the waist. It purifies the blood and increases memory power. It makes the digestive system strong and increases determination and intellectual power. It ends calves pain and reduces fat gathering near the hips.

Gorakshasana precautions

Do not do it if you have knee, or heel pain, injury, or a person who had any kind of operation. If you are suffering from obesity then you should practice asana carefully or under the supervision of a specialist.

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