National and International Important Days In October

National and International Important Days In October

October is the tenth month of the Gregorian calendar or the eighth month of the Roman calendar, which began the month of March. Its name octo literally means “eight” in Latin.

The month observes many important days like World Teacher’s Day, World Food Day, and United Nations Day. In India, many festivals are celebrated in the month of October with full enthusiasm.

1 October – International Day of Older Persons

The United Nations (UN) International Day of Older Persons is observed on 1st October to recognize the contribution of older persons in the development of human society. This Day was observed for the first time throughout the world on October 1st, 1991, and many countries and organizations celebrate it every year. Citizens from all over the world observe this day, mostly with their grandparents.

COVID-19 has affected everyone and lockdown and shielding have had a hugely detrimental impact on the well-being of many older people. It feels very important in light of this that we celebrate International Day of Older Persons in whatever ways possible and practical.

1 October – World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day is celebrated every year on October 1 worldwide to spread awareness about going vegetarian. The day is the annual kicks of vegetarian awareness month (October). Since its inception in 1977, the event has commemorated the health-supporting and life-affirming benefits of vegetarianism. There are many reasons people choose a vegetarian diet. It has proven health benefits, saves animals’ lives, and helps to preserve the Earth.

1 October – International Coffee Day

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) has designated October 1st, 2015 as the world’s first official International Coffee Day to celebrate the diversity of coffee, the passion coffee creates, and provide a chance for consumers and producers alike to learn more about the coffee industry. Around the world there are lots of events taking place to celebrate the international coffee day, ensuring you support the industry and millions of farmers’ livelihoods that depend on this crop.

2 October – Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi, also known as Father of Nation. He is popularly known as Mahatama Gandhi or Bapu. Born on 2nd October 1869, he led the independence movement against the British. He is an iconic figure in India and across the world.

2 October – International Day of Non-Violence

International Day of Non-Violence is a global observance of the United Nations (UN) to promote non-violence through education and public awareness. It is annually held on October 2 to coincide with renowned Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. On 15 June 2007, the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence.

4 October – World Animal Day

World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually on October 4, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. The first World Animal Day was organized on 24 March 1925 at the Sports Palace in Berlin. The event was originally scheduled for 4 October, to align with the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology, however, the venue was not available on that day. The event was moved to 4 October for the first time in 1929.

5 October – World Teacher’s Day

World Teacher’s Day is on 5th October. It is also popularly known as International Teacher’s Day. World Teachers’ Day represents a significant effort to raise awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the vital contribution that teachers make to education and development across the globe.

8 October – Indian Airforce Day

Indian Airforce Day is celebrated on October 8th every year in India. The Indian Air Force Day is celebrated across the country to mark the birth anniversary of India’s air wing of the three armed forces, the Indian Air Force (IAF). Indian Air Force was raised in 1932 as the supporting force of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. The day is celebrated to increase awareness about the role of the Indian air force in national security.

9 October – World Post Day

World Post Day marks the founding, in 1874, of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It’s a day to celebrate and highlight the role of postal workers’ work in daily life. The role of a reliable, secure, affordable universal public postal service has been in the spotlight during the pandemic as part of our infrastructure of coping and resilience.

10 October – World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October to raise public awareness of mental health issues worldwide. By continuing to raise awareness of mental health support for, and among, adolescents, we can help our young people and support good mental health in an ever-changing world.

11 October – International Day of the Girl Child

October 11 marks International Day of the Girl Child. This special day celebrates the importance, power, and potential of girls around the world. It is a day to highlight girls’ needs and the particular challenges they face and drive efforts that meet these needs and fulfill their rights. On December 19, 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.

12 October – World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day is observed on 12th October which aims to bring people together to raise awareness of this common condition. Symptoms of arthritis are generally unique to the person as they can range from moderate to severe and remain the same or progress over time. The most common symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness, and a decreased range of motion.

13 October – International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

The UN General Assembly called for the International Day for Disaster Reduction in 1989 as a way to promote a global culture of risk-awareness and disaster reduction. That includes disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparedness. It was originally celebrated on the second Wednesday of October (Resolution 44/236, 22 December 1989), but after two decades the UN General Assembly formally designated 13 October as the annual date (Resolution 64/200, 21 December 2009).

14 October – World Standards Day

World Standards Day or International Standards Day is celebrated annually on 14th October. The day aims to raise awareness regarding the significance of standardization in the global economy, among regulators, industry, and consumers. It honors the effort of thousands of experts across the globe, who came together to develop voluntary technical agreements that are published as international standards.

15 October – Global Hand Washing Day

Global Handwashing Day is marked on 15 October each year to raise awareness about the importance of handwashing with soap. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of this healthy habit. Hand washing is one of the simplest but most effective measures to combat communicable diseases.

15 October – International Day of Rural Women

International Day of Rural Women is celebrated on 15th October to recognize the hard work of rural women and their contribution to global development, food safety, and the eradication of poverty. The day was established by the UN General Assembly in its resolution 62/136 of 18 December 2007. Today we celebrate the resilience and determination of rural women around the world.

15 October – World White Cane Safety Day

World White Cane Safety Day is observed annually on October 15th to raise awareness about how blind people travel and celebrate how they contribute to their communities. White Cane Safety Day is named after the white cane, a tool many blind and visually impaired people use to travel. While they walk, they move the cane from side to side in front of them.

15 October – World Student’s Day

Annually, World Student’s Day is observed on October 15th to mark the birth anniversary of A.P.J. Kalam the Missile Man of India. It was in 2010 when the United Nations declared the birthday of Abdul Kalam as World Student’s Day. He inspired with his life and quotes the students around the world.

16 October – World Food Day

The United Nations declared 16th October to be celebrated as World Food Day, across all parts of the world. 16th October is commemorated as World Food Day in honor of the foundation date of the Food and Agricultural Organization in the United Nations (UN) in the year 1945. World Food Day is an occasion that allows every individual to share his/her concern for the poor and hungry with family, friends, and the community at large.

16 October – World Anaesthesia Day

World Anaesthesia Day takes place every year, on 16th October, the day ( Boston1846) a doctor named William Morton first demonstrated the use of a substance called ether to render a human senseless so that a lump could be removed from the man’s neck. Originally it was therefore named “Ether Day”.

16 October – Boss Day

Boss’ day is celebrated annually on 16th October every year. The idea of Boss Day started in the year 1958. Patricia Bay Haroski who is a worker of the State Farm Insurance Company which is located in Deerfield Illinois moved to register the day.

16 October – World Spine Day

World Spine Day is observed on October 16th and focuses on raising awareness of back pain and other spinal issues. World Spine Day promotes the importance of proper posture and movement in maintaining good spinal health.

17 October – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

The International Day For The Eradication Of Poverty is an international observance celebrated each year on 17 October all over the world. The main aim of observing this as an international day was to spread awareness to end global poverty in all possible manners.

The celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty can be discovered 33 years back to October 17, 1987. On that day, to honor the victims of extreme poverty, violence, and hunger, many people assembled at the Trocadéro in Paris.

20 October – World Osteoporosis Day

October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day. Traditionally, it’s a day where we’re reminded of the scary statistics and bleak consequences of osteoporosis. The day is dedicated to raising global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal diseases.

Organized by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), the World Osteoporosis Day campaign is accompanied by community events and local campaigns by national osteoporosis patient societies from around the world with activities in over 90 countries.

20 October – World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day is observed across the globe on 20 October and has been created by the United Nations Statistical Commission. The day is celebrated after every five years. It is observed to emphasize the importance of data authenticity and credibility.

20 October – National Solidarity Day

National Solidarity Day is observed in India on 20th October the date on which China began the assaults in 1962. On this day, the musings of the entire country go to our Armed Forces who courageously monitor our broad outskirts and who have, since forever, been celebrated for their boldness and endurance.

20 October – International Chef Day

International Chefs Day is celebrated around the world each year on 20th October. The day exists to acknowledge the future of food from encouraging the next generation of chefs to promoting healthy eating and the importance of food provenance.

24 October – United Nations Day

The United Nations Day is a day to celebrate the creation of the United Nations. On October 24, 1945, 50 countries met in San Francisco, California, to form a group of nations who would work together for world peace. This group was called the United Nations, or UN for short.

24 October – World Development Information Day

The UN General Assembly in 1972 established World Development Information Day to draw the attention of the world to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve them. UN was established on 24 October 1945.

24 October – World Polio Day

On 24 October each year, organizations around the world, such as Rotary International, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with all districts, associations, and member clubs, celebrate the professionals, volunteers, and organizations involved in the global fight against polio and their efforts to eradicate it with World Polio Day.

27 October – World Day for Audio Visual Heritage

On October 27, World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is celebrated internationally to raise awareness of the need to preserve audiovisual assets in our collections for current and future generations.

28 October – International Animation Day

International Animation Day is observed on 28th October this day commemorates the first public performance of a French inventor Emile Reynaud (1844-1918) of animation at the Grevin Museum in Paris, using his own invention “optical theater”.

29 October – World Stroke Day

World Stroke Day is observed every year on 29th October with an aim to raise awareness among people about the importance of prevention, treatment of the disorder and facilitate better care and support for the survivors.

31 October – World Savings Day or World Thrift Day

Every year, 31 October is observed as World Savings Day or World Thrift Day to promote the importance of saving money and create awareness. In the resolutions of the Thrift Congress, it was decided that ‘World Thrift Day should be a day devoted to the promotion of savings all over the World.

31 October – Halloween Day

Halloween Day is celebrated on 31st October every year. Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, can be traced back about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held around Nov. 1 called Samhain. Halloween day is in celebration and remembrance of the dead.

31 October – National Unity Day

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas or National Unity Day is celebrated in India on 31st October every year since 2014. The day is observed to pay tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, also known as the ‘Iron Man of India’ for his great commitment towards national integration.

1st Monday in October – World Habitat Day

The United Nations designated the first Monday of October of every year as World Habitat Day to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. The day is also intended to remind the world that we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns.

1st Friday, in October – World Smile Day

Every year on the first Friday of October, the world celebrates World Smile Day. Harvey Ball, the inventor of the iconic yellow smiley face, established World Smile Day in 1999. Since 1999, on the first Friday in October, people around the world celebrate World Smile Day, a day dedicated to smiling and making others smile.

2nd Thursday, in October – World Sight Day

World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. World Sight Day was initiated by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and it became an official IAPB event in the year 2000.

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