World Habitat Day – First Monday Of October

World Habitat Day – First Monday Of October

The United Nations has designated the first Monday of October every year as World Habitat Day. This annual event is an effort to call attention to the substantial housing needs that exist around the world and to highlight the great efforts that are underway that make a difference in correcting the pervasive problem of inadequate housing across the planet.

It reminds people of the basic need for adequate shelter. In order to build an adequate shelter for ourselves, we must nurture and support a healthy ecosystem or environment.

World Habitat Day 2023 Theme: “Resilient urban economies.


In December 1985, the United Nations General Assembly declared the first Monday of October to be “World Habitat Day” in recognition of the state of human settlements and the basic need for adequate shelter for all. The first World Habitat Day was first celebrated in 1986 with the theme “Shelter is My Right“. The Habitat Scroll of Honour award was launched by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in 1989. The award acknowledges initiatives that make remarkable contributions to fields related to human habitats.

World Habitat Day also serves as a reminder to the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat, we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns. As decent and moral human beings each of us has to look inside ourselves and ask how can we help the people that are less fortunate than we are.

If you’re reading this renders his strong possibility that you have a roof over your head year electrics working and you actually have a computer. Millions of people around the world would be very happy to be in your position. In order to survive people need food, water, shelter, clothing, any means to earn a living. Millions of people especially in underdeveloped countries such as Africa are missing at least one of these key components of survival. Many organizations such as the United Nations have been trying to help people around the world survive.

Water is the most critical of all elements of survival. A person can literally die of dehydration in three days without clean fresh drinking water. Food is very difficult for many people to obtain the human body can last upwards of ten days without food and there have been cases of people surviving much longer. Clothing is becoming less expensive and more readily accessible to the masses even the poor.

Shelter perhaps more than anything on the list is extremely difficult for many people to obtain. A new house can cost even in some of the underdeveloped countries tens of thousands of dollars to build.

This October please take that first Monday and spend some time helping out your local Habitat for Humanity organization you’ll be helping some great people and also exhibiting the true spirit of world habitat day.

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What you can do


Organize a public awareness event for World Habitat Day that not only highlights the need for affordable housing in your own community but also discusses the need for improved shelter for billions of people around the world.


In addition to building homes in partnership with people in need, Habitat advocates to address the causes of poverty housing. Habitat for Humanity International defines advocacy as changing systems, policies, and attitudes to achieve decent housing for all. Advocacy activities always include a specific “ask” such as asking supporters to sign a petition, send a message to an elected official, or take part in a rally.

Fund Raise

World Habitat Day is a great way to raise awareness and funds for Habitat in your area. A fundraiser can help educate the public and generate publicity for Habitat. Fundraisers should also seek to enlarge Habitat’s donor base and increase its visibility.

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