Jogging | Tips And Facts For Joggers

Jogging | Tips And Facts For Joggers

Jogging every day for 20-30 minutes will keep you hale and hearty. It will not only help you in reducing weight but also help to make your respiratory system, heart, and stomach stronger and increase blood circulation and oxygen levels throughout the body. Jogging will keep your body in shape and also keep your mood fresh and happy. Let us see some benefits related to jogging.

1. Jogging 15-30 daily can keep you stay fit, we take a fast breath due to which we intake more fresh oxygen and stress is reduced.

2. Jogging not only improves your health but also improves your personality. You feel fit which results in increasing the confidence level.

3. Jogging can help diabetes patients as they need to do more physical work.

4. Jogging daily in the morning will keep the right circulation of blood in arteries, which reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

5. Jogging helps you to sweat faster which in turn helps to burn more fat and tone up your body making you look more fit and smart.

How to prepare for jogging

  • Whenever you start jogging, enjoy it rather than consider it a burden, run with your partner if possible.

  • Never run barefoot and only wear loose clothes.

  • Initially, start with a slow jog while running. That is, walk slowly for a while before running.

  • If you are feeling more tired while jogging, then you can also slow down your pace.

  • If you run for a short time in the beginning, then you can gradually increase your jogging time.

  • Before jogging, you can also do lightweight exercises, warm-ups, or fast steps.

  • You can run for 1 minute in between walking with fast steps and as the weeks pass, you can reduce the walk and run more.

  • Take special care of your posture while jogging. While running, your fist should not be open and your fist should be closed and body straight.

  • Cross-training during cycling sessions is beneficial. This will strengthen your leg muscles.

  • Running on the grass is better as this puts less pressure on the joints.

  • Drink plenty of water so that you do not get tired quickly. If possible while going for a jog, keep a water bottle with you.

  • Do not stop suddenly when the jog is over. Run slowly for a few minutes and then slowly come to the walk. With this, the blood pressure of the body will also be normal. Stretches or exercises can be done once the breath comes in normal motion.

Set your goals with jogging

Decide what you want to achieve with jogging. It can help you to keep focused and motivated and your enjoyment increases.

  • To get fit – If you are new to exercise then start exercising with brisk walking. Then slowly move towards the process of jogging. Thus you may take a few months before you start jogging.

  • For general fitness – Jogging exercises can be combined with any other form of exercise (such as swimming or playing with the team) to enhance your overall fitness.

  • Weight Loss – Include all fresh food in your diet, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and low-fat with dairy products include. Also do not consume fat, sweetened beverages, and sugar. Along with this, add jogging to your routine.

  • For Friends – You can start jogging to be with friends and can join a club or group for the same.

  • For the competition – Some clubs bring challenging events for joggers. You can also show your jogging skills in a marathon in a fun way. Many communities that are based on running are dependent on age and abilities.

Choose the right clothes for Jogging

Jogging becomes very comfortable when you are wearing the right clothes which are properly ventilated in hot and lightly insulated and dry in cold and wet conditions.

Summer jogging clothes: For hot days your jogger clothes should help to wick away moisture, and keep you cool and protect you from the sun rays.

Winter jogging clothes: In winters when the temperature drops, consider wearing pants or tights as joggers with a vest or jacket but remember that you will warm up once you get moving.

Jogging Accessories

Hats: Head responds to changes in temperature more quickly than any other part of the body, so always carry a wool hat in winters and cover your head in cold weather. A  lightweight hat can help you stay cool in summers too.

Gloves: Jogging in cold weather moisture-wicking, breathable gloves are advisable.

Socks: When you exercise heavily your feet produce a lot of perspiration. So proper socks are needed to protect your feet from blisters in summer, and cold feet in winters.

Choose the right Shoes for Jogging

Choosing the right shoes for jogging is a must and we are sharing some tips for the same.

1. Do not wear old shoes. Old shoes are a common cause of injury.

2. Running shoes tend to bend easily (shoes can be bent with feet, so it is better to wear shoes that are easily folded), comfort the feet, and having comfortable material on the ankles will help your ankles Does not hurt.

3. Shoes should not be too tight. This can also cause your leg to bend.

4. When wearing shoes, also choose the right socks.

Top brands for Activewear and Joggers

1. Nike – Nike is the topmost brand for active wear, this American brand is popular in the whole world and offers a variety of gym materials for both men and women.

2. Puma – Puma is also a popular German brand for activewear worldwide. Puma apparel has sponsored two IPL teams and football and golf teams.

3. Adidas – This is a multi-billion brand and is very popular in sports and have been nicknamed “All Day I Dream About Sports”

4. Reebok – Reebok was a shoe brand but now it has all types of gym wear available.

5. Fila – Fila is an Italian sportswear company that has progressed from underwear manufacturing to the sportswear arena.

6. Under Armour – Under Armour is an American brand that has a varied range of sportswear.

7. Alcis Sports – Alcis Sports is an Indian brand best for gym wear for running, Yoga, training, cricket, and lifestyle.

8. Yepme – Yepme is a popular Indian fashion brand, which provides sports and active wear for both men and women.

9. HRX – HRX is an Indian brand that is becoming a popular choice among youth, it provides a complete gym wear range from T-shirts, joggers, socks, vests, gym trainers.

10. Skult by ABOF – ABOF which is an abbreviation for All About Fashion is a sportswear brand for both men and women and can be worn outside the gym too.

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