World Human Rights Day 2024

World Human Rights Day 2024

Human Rights Day is celebrated worldwide on 10 December every year. It was announced for the first time in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate it every year on 10 December. This day is celebrated to honor the rights of the people. Human Rights Day was officially established on 4 December 1950 at a UN General Assembly meeting.

According to the United Nations, there are some human rights that can never be taken away from human beings. Man has his own dignity. It currently has over 30 human rights. World Human Rights Day is celebrated to give basic rights to the citizens of the world. Human beings get some basic rights only after taking birth. The Constitution of India guarantees human rights to all the citizens of the country. It also punishes those who break it.

A public awareness campaign for human rights will be organized on the occasion of World Human Rights Day on 10 December at the UNESCO club meeting held in Darbhanga. Along with this, jute carry bags will also be distributed among them to make people aware of the environment.

As we know that poverty is the biggest cause of human rights abuses, so the fight for human rights cannot be fought without eliminating poverty and providing basic amenities. In view of this problem of poverty, on World Human Rights Day, many NGOs will work to prepare a framework to fight poverty. With this, the people of the exploited society will be made aware of their human rights and will be made aware of their rights.

Know what are the main human rights

Human rights mean those fundamental rights, which give everyone the right to live life equally, freedom, prestige, and equal behavior. In such a situation, there are some fundamental rights that are necessary for every person, this law has been made for the prisoners of war, from prisoners to ordinary citizens. Many reforms have been done in India regarding human rights. In 1829, the practice of Sati and child marriage was abolished. The press has been given freedom.

Major Human rights are as follows-

  • Freedom to speak
  • Right to freedom and security
  • Right to take liberty against economic exploitation
  • Right to equality on the basis of color, race, language, religion
  • Right to equality before the law
  • Right to present one’s case before the law
  • Right to freedom of expression

How is Human Rights Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated by organizing political conferences, meetings, exhibitions, cultural events, debates, and many more events to discuss all human rights issues. Many government civil and NGOs actively participate in human rights programs.

Human Rights Day is celebrated by fixing a special theme to make the program more effective and successful. Human poverty is the biggest human rights challenge in any country. The main goal or purpose of celebrating Human Rights Day is to eradicate poverty from human life and help to live life well. Various programs like music, drama, dance, arts, etc. are organized to help people to know their rights and to focus.

Many programs are organized with the aim of teaching people, children as well as a youth about their human rights. Some antagonistic activities are organized to make people aware of areas where human rights are unrecognized and insulted.

Reasons and Purpose to celebrate Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is celebrated by people all over the world to get real rights for humans. This day is celebrated to improve the physical, social, cultural, and spiritual well-being and welfare of people all over the world. Some important objectives and reasons for celebrating this are:

  • Promote awareness of human rights among people around the world.
  • To emphasize the efforts of the United Nations General Assembly for progress in the state of overall human rights.
  • To collaborate and discuss together to highlight specific human rights issues.
  • To encourage and encourage minority groups like women, minors, youth, poor, disabled persons, and others to participate in political decision-making in this program.

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