15 Benefits Of Exercise

15 Benefits Of Exercise

Regular exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and exercise is believed to be the closest thing to a miracle medicine. Physical activity plays a great role in managing our health. Since ancient times, our ancestors have been stressing about exercise and morning walks to remain fit and active.

In olden times people used to work on farms and have to do more physical work and were more healthy. Nowadays we have started doing work that requires more mind work than bodywork. We are living in times where there is so much to worry about.

The difficult climate, environmental challenges, welfare reforms, terrorist threats, public health scares, and the list is endless. It feels as though much of our life is outside of our individual control, leaving people feeling stressed and unsure how to cope with them. Lives have become more sedentary, we find we don’t have to walk much in our daily lives and even our jobs have become more desk-based.

However, becoming more active is something that we personally can do to help us deal with the stress brought about by uncertainty and to feel positive about ourselves and our lives.

We need to change our attitude towards physical activity and should be an important part of our life. For some people this will mean heading to the gym, for some, it may include taking the stairs instead of the escalator and walking and cycling more and for some, it is jogging /running. If we want to remain healthy and keep illness at bay then we have to change our attitude towards fitness. Exercise will give you a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Benefits of Exercise

1. Boost your energy level

Exercising every day will increase the energy level in your body. After doing morning exercise your body gets enough oxygen and your muscles are well stretched due to which you are full of energy throughout the day.

2. Boost your memory and brainpower

By daily exercising, you improve the blood circulation in your brain. Your brain gets a sufficient amount of oxygen and blood due to which your brain becomes stronger and it improves your memory power.

3. Fix your mood

Exercise is a great way to change your mood if you are feeling low exercise for 10 minutes or do yoga. When you do exercise you inhale rapidly which will result in changing your mood.

4. Helps you to sleep better

Exercise and sleep are related to each other, research has proved that people who can’t sleep well at night, start exercising and gets a sound and peaceful sleep.

5. Keeps you away from illness

Due to constantly sitting in one position for long you are inviting problems for your body. Exercise is an excellent way to keep your body healthy and happy.

6. Increase your confidence level

Regular exercise leads to improved body image, improved energy levels, a stronger heart and bones, and improved general fitness which increases your self-esteem and confidence level.

7. Lose your stress level

Exercise reduces the level of stress in your body by slowing down the release of stress hormones and stimulating chemicals in the brain that are natural painkillers and mood elevators.

8. Boost happiness

There is a link between exercise and happiness, when you exercise endorphin hormones are released in your brain your stress is reduced and the mood is improved and you are happier.

9. Beat your addiction

Exercise helps you to manage cravings, and regular exercise can give you a natural high similar to the chemical one that alcohol or drug provides.

10. Weight loss

Exercise burns calories which in turn helps to lose weight. Nowadays obesity is becoming a big problem people tend to eat more and don’t do any physical work. Weight loss means burning more calories than you consume, which can be achieved by doing regular exercise.

11. Boost your immunity

Exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps to boost your immune system and make you healthy and fit.

12. Boost your working capacity

Your ability to perform work is determined by your level of fitness, and your fitness level can be increased by doing regular exercise.

13. Improves your focus

Exercise helps your brain to function properly and improves the memory power of your brain which helps you in improved focus and prioritizing things.

14. Improves your impression

Regular exercise keeps your body and minds healthy leaving you feeling more happier and relaxed and less anxious which improves your impression level.

15. Makes you rich

The last we say that exercise will make you rich as you are more active means more work, Your happy and healthy mind will think of new ideas and improve your Entrepreneurship skills.

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