Easy Facial Exercises to tone your face as you age

Easy Facial Exercises to tone your face as you age

Facial exercise (sometimes referred to as face yoga) is as important as body exercise, you can hide your body fat in some way or the other but not face. Your face is made up of 50 different type of muscles and these are used less often than other parts of the body. Easy exercises can be done to get rid of double chins, wrinkle-free faces, and sagging jowls. If you regularly do the face exercise then you will find your face sculpted and radiant.

A good and healthy diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle helps in controlling facial fine lines, but facial exercise also has a major role to prevent premature wrinkles. Regular facial exercise increase blood circulation in different parts of your face and supplies oxygen to muscles and skin. If you regularly do the face exercise then you will find your face sculpted, radiant and looking more slim and beautiful with a healthy glow.

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Benefits of Facial exercise

A Smoother Forehead

The forehead muscles tend to get quite tense forming deep wrinkles and lines. The main idea of doing forehead exercise is to relax the forehead muscles which will help in removing the wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead.

Chin Lifts

When the chin begins to sag, this can really alter the look of your entire face, but the chin facial exercise will help to firm your chin back up.

A Natural Facelift

This exercise works both the facial and neck muscles, meaning not only does it target double chins, but it will also give your face a leaner and tighter appearance, similar to the results of a facelift.

The Eye Lift

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, and is often one of the first areas to show signs of aging. This eye lift technique will help to lift drooping eyelids, as well as sagging skin around the eyes, smoothing this out to result in a much more youthful appearance.

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Your skin could look brighter, firmer and glowing just by a set of simple facial exercise?

The object of doing facial exercises is to improve and strengthen muscle tone and to increase blood circulation. Repeat each exercise ten times.

(1) Keeping the muscles tight, say EE, AH, 00 with your lips consciously stretched as much as you can.

(2) Open the mouth wide and roll your tongue as much as you can.

(3) Sit straight, facing a mirror. Now look up to the ceiling, stretching your ‘neck as you do so. Still in the stretched upward position, turn your head to look over your left shoulder. Return to the front, then look over your right shoulder. Return to front and lower chin to right angle position with neck. This is a good facial exercise for double chin.

(4) Clench teeth hard and curl back lips. Stretch corners of your mouth as far apart as you can in a grimacing expression. Hold the contraction for a count of six, then relax. Thrust lower jaw as far forward as you can, then relax. This is a good exercise for a flabby jawline.

(5) Suck in cheeks, then blow them out alternately. Now smile with one side of your mouth only, pushing the half grin up and out. Repeat with the other side of your mouth. This is a good exer­cise for fat cheeks.

(6) Suck in cheeks, then blow them out. Press both cheeks slowly with fingertips, but the air should not come out. This is another good exercise for fat cheeks.

(7) Open eyes wide and raise eyebrows at the same time. Hold briefly. Lower brows bringing eyes back to normal size as you do. This is a good exercise for furrowed brows.

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