20 Things You Should Not Do During The Hindu Pitra Paksh

20 Things You Should Not Do During The Hindu Pitra Paksh

In Hinduism, Pitru paksha is a time to show reverence to the ancestors who are no longer alive on this earth. It is an important ritual to pay respect to departed ancestors’ souls. According to Hindu mythology, after death soul has to wander in the various worlds, and on the occasion of Pitra Paksha, we pacify the departed ancestors by performing Shradh. The ancestors have the importance of tarpan and pindadan in the Pitru paksha. According to Hindu Panchang, every year, Shradh Paksha lasts for 16 days from the full moon of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month to the full moon day of Ashwin month.

It is believed that in the Shraddha Paksha, Pitar Dev from Pitralok comes to the earth in some form to meet his family members and receive food and sentiment through the family so charity with tarpan and shradh is more important in Pitra Paksha. During Pitrupaksha, Pindadan, Tarpan, and Brahmins are served food, which makes Pitaradev happy and blesses the family. It is believed in the scriptures that people who do not offer their ancestors and pindadan in the Pitrupaksha face pitruh.

During Shradh, Pitra Kriya is highly significant. As per the Garud Purana, Matsya Purana, Vishnu Purana, Vayu Purana, and other sacred scriptures as Manu Smriti, etc. give an account or representation of Shradh. The last day of the Pitru Paksha is known as Sarvapitri Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya. It is the most important day of the mourning period. Also, on this day, those who do not know the exact date of the death anniversary of their ancestors pay homage on this particular day. It is said that performing the ritual of Shradh is said to give peace to the departed souls.

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During this time special care should also be taken for some things.

1- It is said in the scriptures that during Pitrupaksha, no auspicious work should be done. This isn’t a good time for new beginnings.

2- Do not refuse food or water to anyone during Pitrupaksha.

3- Non-vegetarian food should not be taken during Pitrupaksha.

4- Avoid tobacco, cigarettes, or alcohol. Such things will hinder you from getting the results of performing Shraddha rituals.

5- Black sesame should be used for Shraddha Karma.

6- Avoid mutual discord in the family. Follow celibacy, one should avoid making physical relations these days.

7- Do not indulge in grooming activities like nails, hair, and beard mustache. Because Shraddha Paksha is the time to remember fathers. It is a way of mourning.

8- Buying tools of material pleasure such as gold jewelry, new clothes, vehicles these days are not considered good, because it is a time of mourning.

9- Do not lie under any circumstances during Pitrupaksha and hurt someone with harsh words.

10- During the Pitrupaksha, take special care that no corner of the house remains in darkness.

11- Do not conduct any act against the dignity of the clan in the patriarchy.

12- One should not use leather made products like belts, wallets, or footwear while performing Shradh rituals.

13- During this time, no auspicious work, special poojas, and rituals are done.

14- During this time, do not insult the poor, beggars, or any animals. Do not harm any animals like cows, cats, or dogs that come to your house. Instead, give them food and treat them kindly.

15- Do not purchase any new vehicle, neither should buy any new items during this time.

16- Iron vessels should not be used for rituals. Use silver, gold, copper, or bronze vessels.

17- Shraddha Karma shouldn’t be done during evening, night, dawn, or dusk.

18- Black & Red color flowers, strongly scented and odorless flowers Kadamb, Kevada, Bilvapatra, Karvir, Maulsire, all these flowers should not be used for this ritual.

19- Using foul language, theft, infidelity all these should be avoided.

20- If you are performing Shradh rituals and chanting mantras, never pause it to talk with someone. It may bring negative energy.

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