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Ever wondered about the diversity in the culture of India? The enticing unity is represented by the people of the country who display a wide range of religions, cultures, customs, and languages. The rich and varied heritage happens to be one of the many sources of pride of the nation. The mysterious ways of the people, their lifestyles, and the inseparable culture of India cannot be done solved in words but can surely be enjoyed with experience.

India, a country of startling contrasts: The breathtaking diversity of Indian civilization springs from the land itself, snowbound mountains, tropical rainforests, arid deserts, fertile river valleys …have all generated different lifestyles and cultures. Adding to this inherent diversity has been succeeding waves of migrants and invaders from beyond the northern mountains and the southern sea. Both the original and the immigrant cultures have been mutually enriched while retaining their own distinctive identities … All these elements have combined to create a multi-dimensional tapestry of stunning richness and depth that has come to be known as Indian Culture (Nehru 1994: 1)

Heritage of culture in India

In case you are planning a holiday, the idea to explore the heritage of culture in India will be an excellent option. The diversity of the land is immense to make us realize the number of years that have gone into beautifying each aspect of culture. The Culture holidays in India are an effort to pick up the best possible flavors of the land and offer them to the tourists in a package.

The land of the kings, Rajasthan, promises to be an experience of a lifetime with its wealth of culture and traditions.

The arts and crafts, music and dance, architecture, and people all are instances of the culture and its rainbow of India. The trip to Rajasthan offers unique sights like the architectural magnificence of the forts and palaces. Joy rides on elephants cannot be compared to the ride in the BMW. The women from Rajasthan in brightly colored clothes, wearing tons of jewelry, and the huge turbans adorned by the men are examples of the diversity of culture in India. The picturesque dunes, the enigma of the beautifully built palaces, and the atmosphere of the cities of Rajasthan are a few features of the culturally astounding state.

The pure white elegy of love, the Taj Mahal, if viewed on a full moon night leaves a mark in the memory so does the masterpiece in red stand stone the Red Fort. The tomb of ItmadUdd-Daula is another spot to be visited by tourists for its design.

Down south Culture of India in each city is associated with a specialty. The port city of Mahabalipuram is renowned for its rock-cut monuments, structures in a single stone, and bas-reliefs besides its beaches. The Kamakshi Amman temple and the Varadaraja Perumal temples in Kanchipuram are must a visit for the travelers to the cultural destination. The beauty and elegance of the silk saris available need no mention. The silk industry happens to be centuries old and famed the world over. Make sure to pick up the Kanjivaram saris for gifting purposes to your family and friends from the stretch of silk shops along Gandhi Road. The trip to Trichy reveals the beauty of the ancient culture of India through the architecture in its temples and monuments. The Rock Fort temple, with exclusive rights of ‘darshan’ to the Hindus and the temple complex of Ranganathar, are amongst the many places of interest in the city. The view of the river Kaveri is another mesmerizing experience.

The most happening culture of India in the south happens to be the city of Madurai. The city situated on the banks of the river Vaigai is famed for the Meenakshi temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva one of the trinity. The other places of interest for culture in India include the Thirumala Nayak palace, an example of architectural heritage. Close by is Tanjore or Thanjavoor, famous for its paintings and arts. The visit to the Brihadeshwara temple will complete the trip to the marvel of the Chola architecture.

Besides the pious travelers and admirers of architectural beauty, the trip down South will be unforgettable for nature lovers. The wildlife sanctuary at Periyar happens to be a tiger reserve too. It is a haven for terrestrial, aquatic, and arboreal animals besides the rare flora and fauna.

While experiencing the diversity of culture in India, one cannot miss the destination of Cochin. The port town offers a range of tourist spots. Right from the island palace of Bolghatty to the St. Francis church. The town boasts of the Chinese fishing nets, unique throughout India. Besides the nets, the Chinese tiles and the Belgian chandeliers are major attractions at the Jewish synagogue. The St. Francis church besides being the oldest church built by the Europeans is a travel spot because of is the burial site of the great explorer Vasco Da Gama. The fast-changing and happening city of Bangalore and the royal city Mysore are other places displaying the richness of the culture of India.

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