How to make Besan Ladoo

besan ladoo

Besan Ladoo recipe – Ladoo is ball-shaped sweets from Indian Cuisine and is made for most festivals and celebrations. Besan Ladoo (बेसन के लडडू) are sweet balls made from chickpea flour, sugar, ghee, and nuts. It is said that Lord Ganesha loves ladoos too apart from modak / modhakam. So a variety of ladoos like coconut ladoo, rava laddu, peanut laddu are also made for Ganesh chaturthi.

To make these besan laddu, chickpea flour is roasted in ghee until aromatic and turns to a dark golden to light brown color. The flour is then cooled down a bit, powdered sugar and nuts are added, the mixture is then shaped to balls.


  • 1kg – Mota Besan
  • 1kg – Powdered Sugar
  • Ghee
  • Dry fruits – Crushed Almonds
  • Almonds and Cashewnut (To Garnish)


1. Put a good amount of ghee in a kadhai.
2. After the ghee is hot add besan in it and keep stirring it on a medium flame.
3. Just when the gram flour starts changing color add the crushed almonds so that the almonds are roasted along.  Keep stirring, once your besan is golden brown in color take it off the flame.
4. After 5mins add powdered Sugar in besan and mix well.
5. The main part is now binding these ladoos.. you’ll have to bind Ladoos when they are hot it is easy to bind. Top each Ladoo with almond or cashew nut.

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