Jaggo A Pre-wedding Ceremony

Jaggo A Pre-wedding Ceremony

Jaggo is a Punjabi Pre-wedding ceremony that includes singing and dancing in a beautifully decorated wedding home.

Jaggo means “wake up”, it is a pre-wedding ritual held at night before the wedding, when the relatives of the bride and groom dance and enjoy staying awake at night.  The main idea behind it is to enjoy the wedding party to the fullest by dancing and celebrating.

Bride/Grooms maternal aunt (Mammi) carries the decorated copper vessel with diya over it and lit with mustard oil, on her head and other ladies try to shake it with long decorative sticks with bells.

They sing Punjabi boliyan and dance to the fullest the whole night. The ladies go to other friends’ houses and are welcomed by sweets. It’s a loud ceremony filled with joy, dancing, firework, and food.

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