Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

In today’s era of life people easily become victims of obesity. There is no balance of what we eat, and level of physical activity. There is one simple math if you consume more energy (calories) than what you expend then you will gain weight.

We consume more calories than we use it as energy, our body stores extra calories as fat. This led to excess weight and obesity. Obesity affects an individual’s general quality of life, self-esteem, and self-image. Obesity is also a genetic problem, even if your parents also had obesity, then it is highly expected that you will also be victims of it.

If you want to be fit and healthy then you need to change your lifestyle you have to struggle a lot to gain fitness. Eating healthily and exercising regularly can help prevent weight gain. You have to stop eating your favorite food Pizza, burgers, french fries, and ice cream, etc., and include only green and fresh vegetables in your diet.

Along with it, you have to do some calorie-burning activity and exercise, to lose fat and build your muscles for a lean, toned body.

Why do we become victims of obesity?

1. Genetic – The main reason for getting fat is a strong genetic component. Children of fat parents will gain more weight than children of lean parents. Fat people tend to come from fat families. This doesn’t mean that they have fat for a genetic reason, it is their fat-making behavior, a lifestyle that they learned from their parents. It’s the way we shape our lifestyle, what we eat and how much are we physically active.

2. Diet – There is a simple law of nature, what goes inside should be balanced by what goes outside. The amount of energy that goes inside our body needs to be balanced by the amount of energy that goes out by working. Eating more and exercising less will result in weight gain similarly eating less and working more will cause weight loss.

3. Job or Business where you have to sit for hours will make you a victim of obesity, where you are not properly digesting what you eat. You need to be physically active to digest what you eat.

4. Eating too much – It is said “Eat for living and not live to eat” eat only the amount you can, don’t overdo it. Many times you get delicious food and you tend to eat more, many times you just put food in your mouth unconsciously while watching television. Eat until you are not hungry, eat more mindfully and you will tend to get satisfied sooner.

5. The way you sit – When working long hours in the office your posture matters, if you are sitting in the wrong posture it will affect your health and make your belly fat.

6. Anxiety or stress – This is also the main reason for the increase in obesity, people who are stressed are more likely to grow fat on their stomachs.

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The main fruits that help in fighting obesity –

Try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, stay away from processed food. There are certain fruits which will help you in keeping your fat under control to a great extent.


  • Apple – Apple has a low energy density, but plenty of water and fiber, so it promote fullness and low-calorie intake so helps in weight loss. Eating two or three apples a day will keep your obesity control with it and it gives you the power to fight many other diseases. Obese people should consume more and more apples.


  • Almonds – Almonds contain plenty of healthy fat, fiber, protein, magnesium, and a high amount of Vitamin E. Eating almonds will make you feel full fast and greatly control your appetite, which will reduce obesity.

Green vegetable

  • Green leafy vegetables – Green leafy vegetables are low in calories and carbohydrates and loaded with fiber. Eat plenty of green vegetables every day. Increase intake of spinach, kale, lettuce, collards, Swiss chard they will help you to burn your fat and are very nutritious as well.


  • Cucumber – Cucumber has a sufficient amount of essential nutrients including Vitamin c and K they are low in calories and high in water and soluble fiber, hence it is advisable to eat cucumber as it will give you calories in your body without increasing your weight.

Water melon

  • Watermelon – This is a fruit that contains 80% water, it is one of the best fruit to eat if you are trying to lose weight. It is also a great source of an amino acid called arginine, which helps you to burn your fat quickly. Watermelon will make you feel full and there will be no carving between meals.


  • Beans – Beans are very good, they strengthen muscles and help in good digestion.

Walnut For Weight Loss

An exercise which will help you to reduce weight



Running is a simple and effective way to lose weight, you don’t need a treadmill just lace up your shoes and hit the road.



In this exercise you lie down on a mat, your hands behind your head, knees bent. Take a deep breath and lift your head with the help of your hands, repeat the same process again. In the morning, do this exercise at least 10 times, in a few days you will feel the difference.



Cycling is a very good exercise, it will not only reduce your fat but also make your respiration process even better. You should daily go cycling in the morning.



If you can’t run then it’s better to jog lightly in the park, jogging will give you relief from daily stress and also help in weight reduction. Slow jogging is effective if done in the evening.



Swimming is a very good exercise which not only helps you to enjoy it but also keeps you away from fat. For one hour you should swim twice a week if daily is not possible.

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