Unhealthy Foods For Children

Unhealthy Foods For Children

In today’s advanced era, we have become very casual in our health. In this period of Consumerism, we eat Unhealthy Foods that are extremely harmful to our health.

Especially children and young people give more priority to taste than their health and are tempted to have a different type of junk and processed food. Junk and processed food are bad and are the major reason for obesity and illness around the world. All these dishes are rich in flavor but have a bad effect on health.

Therefore, it becomes necessary that as an adult, we learn about such things and by preventing them, stop your children and yourself too. If you want you can consult a specialist regarding this matter and ask question-related about your diet.

1. Cold Drinks/ Soft Drinks

Cold drink
Cold drink

In the present world, the most used drink is a cold drink and is favored by today’s younger generation. Encourage children to drink and enjoy the water. Sweet drinks such as cold drinks and soft drinks may cause health problems for children.

The amount of sugar inside these cold drinks is very high due to which they will have excess weight gain, tooth erosion, small appetite, and picky eating habit. It is the main reason for childhood obesity.

2. White Bread

White Bread
White Bread

Whenever people like to eat some light snack, bread is their choice. White bread is made of refined wheat flour (Maida), when the grain is refined it removes fiber and 25% protein leaving behind the starch. Maida is lower in fiber and protein than whole wheat flour so avoid eating white bread and use brown bread instead.

3. Pastries and cakes


Birthday Cakes and supermarket pastries are fantastic looking but have you ever thought of the ingredients used to make it. Cake and pastries lack nutrients and are high in calories and are made up of fat and sugar.

4. Processed Meat

Processed Meat

If you consume processed meat then stop it immediately. Processed meats are very different from regular meats and have very bad effects on the body.

Processed meat is meat that has been preserved by curing, salting, smoking, drying, or canning. Processed meats generally have four times the amount of sodium and 50% more preservatives than regular meat. Processed meat contains harmful chemicals that are not present in fresh meat and is being linked to diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

5. Packed fruit juices

Fruit Juice

Well, fruit juice is considered to be very beneficial for our health. Drinking juice gives strength to the body and also makes out body immune.

Packaged juices are low in fiber and high in fructose, which is related to increased insulin resistance. The packaged juice is unhealthy when compared to freshly squeezed juice or fresh fruit, the quantity of natural fruit in packed fruit juice is very low, and it is filled with sweet water and color with a different type of artificial flavor.

High Sugar Content present in this type of juice gives rise to obesity, causing many other diseases. Instead of giving packed fruit juice from the market to the children, try giving them whole fruit.

6. Pizza


Pizza is the kids’ favorite food item. Although the pizza is very tasty, the ingredient used inside it is very unhygienic for our body.

First is the pizza base which is prepared with the help of a refined dough (Maida), which damages the body very much. The refined flour used in making base has a very less amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it less nutritious.

The cheese on pizza is high in saturated fat, which increases your risk for high cholesterol and heart disease. Apart from this, the amount of calories in a pizza is also very high. This is the reason that you should eat pizza in a very limited quantity.

7. Potato Chips


Chips are often a common snack among children. You can readily find chips in any grocery store but they are very harmful to health.

Chips are just fat and calories and can increase your weight and make you obsess. Consuming more of it can lead to serious problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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