Ensure Proper Bedtime Rules For Children

Ensure Proper Bedtime Rules For Children
Children Bedtime Rules

Sleep is the most important routine for our body to rejuvenate, especially in children’s lack of sleep may result in depression, poor interaction, and poor grades.

Sleep helps kids’ bodies to produce growth hormones, they become more immune to fight infections their brains work better and they become more attentive and alert in class.

According to recent Canadian research lack of sleep may put children at risk for a variety of mental and physical health outcomes, including overweight, obesity, and related chronic diseases.

On weekdays, enforcing rules about child bedtime was a significant positive predictor of children meeting sleep guidelines while encouraging the child to go to bed at a specific time was a significant negative predictor of children meeting sleep guidelines.

We should check the sleep schedule of our children and maintain that schedule strictly. Parents who strictly enforce sleeping on time habits will enable the kids to have a full night of sleep.

If your child is finding it difficult getting into the routine you should look for giving your child some rest time and make a proper sleep environment that will make kids sleep easily.

Toddlers need about 11-13 hours of sleep,

Children’s of 6-13 years of age need 9-11 hours of sleep

Poor or inadequate sleep in children will lead to behavioral problems. No matter what the child’s age is bedtime sleeping routine should be encouraged in all.

Make your kids learn healthy sleep habits, make the environment of their room dark, cool, and quiet. Keep electronics like TV and Computers away while sleeping.

School-aged children become more interested in TV, computers, tablets, and nowadays mobile games are playing havoc on children’s sleep routine they lead to difficulty falling asleep, disruption of sleep, and nightmares.

As a parent it’s your duty to watch kids’ habits before going to bed you have to be a little strict but that is going to help your kid sleep peacefully and will ultimately make an effect on his health.

Once your child picks up the sleeping routine you will notice him be more pleasant and refreshing in the morning which will not only make their day better but also yours.

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