Travel tips for Indians visiting a new country.

Travel tips for Indians visiting a new country.
International travel

Moving to a new country or traveling abroad is everybody’s dream but there is something that you have to care about before leaving your own country. Get yourself ready it’s exciting to think about going somewhere completely new, different, and foreign. If you’re feeling a little confused, here are the essential international travel tips.

Get informed

Prepare Yourself Mentally and plan your trip ahead.

Travel Warnings or Travel Alerts – They are official warning statement issued by a government agency to provide information about the relative safety of traveling to or visiting one or more specific foreign countries or destinations. Check for travel warnings and advisories beforehand.

Weather Conditions/ Climate – Get the country / Place climate condition ahead, so that you can pack your luggage accordingly.

Time Zone – Get known about the varying time zone of the area you are moving to.

Health precautions – Read about health concerns and requirements relevant to your destination. For maximum protection, you should get any required shots six weeks before departure.

Basic needed things


  • Keep all your documents, passport, visa copy, tickets, and all other important docs in good order and ready at the airport and in safe custody otherwise.

  • Printed copies of my passport and visas (also electronically on my mobile and laptop) or Lose visas or similar documents if not attached to your passport.

  • A printed and electronic copy of my travel itinerary (Airline boarding passes, Travel Insurance documentation).

  • A printed copy of my accommodation confirmation (if available).

  • Visa-supporting traveling documents (e.g. invitation letter).

  • Additional means of identification — be it driving license or national ID card — in case something happens to your passport. At the very least, your embassy would like to see these.

Credit/international debit card and cash

Get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees and get some foreign currency ahead of time, and call the issuers shortly before you leave to inform them of which countries you will be visiting.

Phone Plan

Most major phone carriers these days offer international roaming plans that can save you money on both data and call while abroad. So you can remain connected where ever you are.


Call your primary care physician and get a referral to a travel doctor in your area who will be able to prescribe what you need. So all the basic medicines you need should always be handy for you.

Packing Light

Each airline has its own set of guidelines as to how many bags can be checked or carried on for free. Make sure to look up what your airline’s rules are to avoid any incremental fees. Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag but take care your packing is manageable while you travel. Other than the necessary electronics, don’t bring valuables with you.

Staying there

  • Dress well. Speak good English. Be polite and look polished.

  • Always use “please”, “sorry”, “excuse me”, “thank you”, “you’re welcome”, “pardon me” in your conversations. Hold the closing door open for the person just behind you, be polite and Smile.

  • Don’t involve in discussing any controversial subjects.

  • Sightseeing & Activities get a complete list of to-do items.

  • Understand the Transport System – Have an international driving permit and know the traffic rules in that country. Basic rules followed are Pedestrians have the right of way. If there is no traffic signal and there is a zebra crossing, the vehicles will stop for you if they see you. If you are driving a car, don’t forget to stop for pedestrians and strictly follow lane driving & the speed limits. No honking unless the driver in front of you has slept off.

  • Give Yourself Enough Time to Get over Your Jet Lag and Enjoy.

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