Travel tips visiting India

India travel
Guests should be treated like God.

For Indians Atithi Devo Bhava – Guest are God.

Be safe

Assaults on women in India is everyday news so female travelers need an extra safety. India has a sexual harassment problem. The numerous assaults on women in India recently have been well publicised, but by taking a few precautions female travelers can definitely travel safely. If you’re a foreign traveler, you look different to them or you may be carrying something that is foreign to them than be ready to be starred and followed.

Be ‘culturally aware ‘ – Cover up and dress conservatively

India is still a very conservative country. Despite the heat and perpetual sweating, make sure to always carry a shawl to cover your shoulders, wear knee-length or longer pants along with tops long enough to cover your bottom. Tight fitting clothing will solicit unwanted attention and is considered disrespectful at sacred sites and temples. Try your best to fit in with Indian culture both for your safety and sanity.

How to stay well

Don’t even think of drinking tap water, only drink bottled water. Avoid eating ice cream, and salads and fruit, street food or fresh juices which look tempting but aren’t healthy. Eat only freshly cooked food don’t eat anything raw. Consider becoming a vegetarian while you are in India.  Be wary of hygiene and only go to the best, busy restaurants you can find.

Avoid traveling or wandering alone at night

I don’t recommend heading out on your own after dark unless you have a buddy or group to explore with. You will notice there are not many local women out after the early evening. Try to avoid taking public transport alone at night wherever possible.

How to get around

Taxis, Auto rickshaw are cheap but better organize them from prepaid counters or face the risk of being scammed. Drivers in India are renowned for their dishonesty and tricks to try to make more money from you. You do need to be on your guard to avoid the scams and hassles, especially in the North and the hassle is worst around airports, bus and train stations and popular tourist monuments. The roads in India are wildly dangerous and often uncomfortably bumpy so if there is an option to get a plane, train or bus go for them.