Shimla Summer Festival 2024

Shimla Summer Festival 2024

Shimla Summer Festival is a renowned event organized by the state administration with the help of locals every year since 1960. This 5-day extravaganza is celebrated in May or June and has become one of the highly anticipated events of the year.

The Queen of the Hills offers a serene environment in the lap of the Himalayas. It is attended by a huge gathering of tribal people, budding artists, and tourists to mark the advent of the summer season. Arts and Crafts, food, and music dominate the scene.

Shimla Summer Festival 2024 will be scheduled to be held in June at the Ridge Park in Shimla.


The history of this festival is pretty simple. For the hill folks, this festival marks a successful harvest season and they ask for the same blessing for the following season. Though Shimla, then known as Simla was the Summer Capital under the British Raj, the trend of this festival began 60 years ago. In 1961, it started to boost the tourism of Shimla. And since then, the festival has lived up to its name being a huge success in the terms of attracting the crowd.

How is the Shimla Summer Festival celebrated?

This summer festival consists of a great association of men and women who meet and celebrate the advent of summer. They sing and dance in gratitude to the glory of God. People offer thanks for the rich harvest and the harvest of gold and ask God to repeat the same affirmation in the following year. The primary events that adorn this occasion are the folk dances, the gastronomic festival, the floral shows, the ice-skating festival, and even the Himachali film festival. It also presents musical performances, some of them by famous singers. This is the best time to enjoy shopping as the crafts of the stands are configured during this time.

There are many sports events held for both children and adults. School children also put up cultural shows and participate in talent contests. Floral games are also held which add color and fun to the whole environment, which makes it even more alive. Local artists perform in music and dance and every day is called a famous personality on stage. Many competitions are also held like photography contest, poster contest, and fashion show that showcases the talent of local designers. The summer festival is the perfect time to enjoy the party and the celebration.

Mall Road and Ridge Road are decorated for this event, where most of the activities will take place. It is a fun, exhilarating, and wonderful time to visit Shimla, with its cool, beautiful weather and joyful atmosphere.

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Significance Of The Summer Festival

To promote the culture and tourism of the state the festival is celebrated annually since 1960 by the government of Himachal Pradesh. The festival is held during May or June when the tourism activity is at its peak in the area. Shimla, one of the vital widespread hill stations in India has all the time been a hotspot for vacationers during this time.

This festival is an amalgamation of various folk and cultural tradition of Himachal Pradesh and showcases their rich traditional legacy. Musical performances, family games, live theatre and recitals, fashion presentations, talent competitions, magic shows, and cultural programs are among the many activities and events that make up the fest. The Summer Festival is an ideal time for locals to come out and enjoy themselves with their families.

How to reach

By Air

One of the simplest ways to achieve Shimla is by air. There are several flights from Delhi and Chandigarh airports. The closest airport is at Gaggal which is about 30 km from the city of Shimla.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Shimla, which is connected to Delhi and Chandigarh, is at Kalka. From Kalka, one can take the toy train to Shimla.

By Road

There are buses from all main cities of India to Shimla preferable you may take a bus from Chandigarh or Delhi The journey takes about 8-12 hours relying on visitor’s situations.

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