Jamat-Ul-Vida Festival

Jamat-Ul-Vida Festival

Jamat-Ul-Vida is an Arabic word, meaning farewell to juma.  Etymologically, it arises from the words ‘juma’ and ‘wida’ which means “gathering” and “farewell” respectively. People on the last Friday, gather to bid farewell to the holy month of Ramzan which is close to its end, and pray for a peaceful year ahead.

This festival is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm by Muslims all over the world. This festival is celebrated on the last Friday of Ramadan. Although every Friday of the week is special and the whole month of Ramadan is considered very sacred, but fasting on this occasion of Jamatul Vida has its own significance.

It is observed on the last Friday in the month of Ramadan before Eid-al-FitrOn this day, there is a large crowd gathers in mosques across the country for prayers, because it is believed that whoever spends this day in the worship of Allah, gets special mercy of Allah and receives Allah’s protection for an entire year. It is believed that whatever prayer is made today gets accepted by God.

In the year 2024, the festival of Jamat-ul-Vida will be celebrated from 4th April, Thursday to 5th April, Friday.

Why is Jamat-ul-Vida celebrated?

Jamat-ul-Vida is a major festival of the Muslim community. This festival is celebrated on the last Friday of Ramadan. Namaz of this day is considered to be of special importance in the Muslim community. There is a belief about this festival that on this day Prophet Mohammad did special worship of Allah.

This is the reason that this Friday has been described as more important than the rest of the days. It is believed that on the day of Jamat-ul-Vida, people who will offer prayers to Allah and spend their whole day in the mosque will receive the special mercy and blessings of Allah.

It is also said that on this day, Allah sends one of his angels to the mosque, who listens to the prayers of the people and blesses them. On this day, people wear clean clothes and go to the mosque to offer namaz and ask forgiveness from Allah for their sins and pray for the right guidance in the future.

The importance of this day can be gauged from the fact that it is believed that on this day the skies and the angels cry on the sorrow of Muslims because this holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end. This is the reason why Jamat-ul-Vida is celebrated with such grandeur by the followers of Islam.

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Custom and Tradition of Jamat Ul-Vida

This festival of Jamat-ul-Vida has a very special place in the religion of Islam. It is believed that on this day of the last Friday of Ramadan month, whoever spends his time in prayer to Allah on this day, is praying. He receives the special grace of Allah and Allah protects him throughout the year and blesses him. Like every festival, the festival of Jamaat-ul-Vida has its own special way and customs.

A large number of devotees gather in mosques and dargahs on the day of Jamat-ul-Vida. Many special preparations are made in mosques to celebrate this day. On the day of Jamaat-ul-Vida, there is a lot of activity in the mosques, on this day there is a lot of crowd in the mosques.

Generally, people go to offer Namaz on this day. Where he recites Namaz and prays to Allah. On this day people also pray for the happiness and peace of their loved ones. It is believed that on this day, whoever feeds a poor person gets the special grace of Allah.

On this day people do a lot of shopping, special dishes are made and banquets are organized in the houses. On this day, most of the people wear new clothes to offer Namaz and many people even read the Quran at home before offering Namaz in the mosque.

People believe that on this day, donating on this day achieves a lot of virtue. That is why people donate to the needy and poor on this day.

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Modern Tradition of Jamat Ul-Vida

The festival of Jamat-ul-Vida has not seen any special change even today, although at present its form has become even more grand and elaborate than before. This festival is celebrated with great pomp by Muslims all over the world. On this day, mosques and mausoleums get a lot of strolling, because on this day many people go to offer namaz together. On this day people stop their wrong actions and pray to Allah for themselves and their family.

On the day of Jamat-ul-Vida people also introspect their works. However, due to the increasing population in today’s time, it is not possible for all the people to make room for Namaz in the mosque. Therefore, on this day, tents are erected outside the mosque, so that the people gathered in large numbers can offer Jamat-ul-Vida prayers without any problem.

We should try as much as possible to keep this traditional and cultural form of this festival of Jamaat-ul-Vida from the bottom because it is the cornerstone of its popularity.

Significance of Jamat-ul-Vida

Although the name of Jumma (Friday) is considered special throughout the year, the last Jumma of Ramadan or also known as Jamat-ul-Vida has its own significance because this day is the second of the whole Ramadan. It is the most sacred day. It is believed that whoever recites Namaz on the day of Jamat-ul-Vida and apologizes to Allah for his past sins, his prayers are definitely fulfilled.

That is why Jamat ul Vida is also known as Ibadat day. Combining these significant aspects together, Friday, plus Ramzan and its final days mark it as special and solemn because its period of intense worship is coming to an end. Many people spend their entire day in the worship of Allah on this day. This Friday is all about bidding the holy month a goodbye, spreading love, and praying for each other’s well-being.

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