Wedding Tradition in India

Wedding Tradition in India

Marriage is an important stage in the life of any person. It is the time when two people agree to share their sorrow and joys with one another for the rest of their life. Leading a happy and satisfied married life is one of the things which people expect from their lives. One of the countries of the world where a great deal of importance is paid to the rituals and customs associated with the event of marriage is India. The Wedding Customs in India vary from one place in the country to another. The details of Wedding Customs are provided below for the readers.

India is a country of varied cultures, food, people, and numerous other things. The quality of variation can also be observed in the marriage rituals and customs which the people in India follow. Thus if you happen to attend a wedding in the Indian state of West Bengal and then move on to another Indian wedding in Southern India, you are likely to find a humongous amount of difference between the 2 weddings. One of the common factors which you are bound to notice in the Indian Wedding Customs is the manner in which the people celebrate the marriages.

According to the different Wedding Customs in India, a great number of the relatives of the bride’s and the bridegroom’s family are invited to attend the wedding and wish them well. The practice of presenting gifts during a marriage is also followed in the country of India. In many parts of the country, the people present cash gifts to the couple at their wedding. There are various other gifts that are presented to the couples on the occasion of marriage. The popular Wedding Customs help people to enjoy the celebrations of a wedding in an organized and healthy manner.

Different Wedding Customs according to region.

Bengali Wedding Customs
Punjabi Wedding Customs
Gujarati Wedding Customs
Rajasthani Wedding Customs
Tamil Wedding Customs
Marathi Wedding Customs
Kashmiri Wedding Traditions
• Catholic Wedding Traditions and Customs
• Agarwal Wedding Traditions and Customs
• Muslim Wedding Traditions and Customs

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