Inquilab Zindabad | इंक़िलाब ज़िन्दाबाद

Inquilab Zindabad

Inqilab zindabad = Long live the revolution

Inqilab means revolution. Zindabad means wishing longevity and prosper so Inquilab Zindabad an Urdu phrase means “Long Live the Revolution!”. It was first used by Bhagat Singh after bombing the Central Assembly in Delhi.

It was the slogan used by the Indians in rallying cries of the Indian independence movement. The revolution which was started against the British Rule involved many of the society. It was mandatory to keep the energy of revolution up till they get any results, hence it was used as the motivational and inspirational message.Inquilab Zindabad”.

It was coined by Maulana Hasarat Mohani he was a freedom fighter and noted Urdu poet, his slogan inspired the activities of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association particularly Ashfaqulla Khan, Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad.