Indoor Kids Games to Kill Their Boredom

Indoor Kids Games to Kill Their Boredom

10 games that will keep your kids engaged and enjoy when they are waiting in the home for coronavirus closures. For keeping kids busy and engaged you don’t need expensive stuff or hooking them up on television, just look around the house for things that can help you to entertain kids and keep them busy.

1. Maze with cardboard tubes

Kids will love to play with a maze formed by the leftover cardboard tubes of toilet paper, paper towels, and aluminum foils. Stick these cardboard tubes to the wall to form a maze where you can roll marbles through them.

2. Building a Fort

You can engage kids indoors by making a fort of pillows, chairs, cardboard boxes, blankets, and anything else you can use to form a fort. Kids will love to play inside their small fort.

3. Treasure Hunt

It’s a simple yet funny game where your kids will learn with hints and clues. You can hide treats or coins in various places of the house and give your child the first clue and ask him to find rest on his own.

4. Desk games like Cards game, Chess, Checkers, Monopoly

Card games can help instill math and memory skills in kids. It is an enjoyable way to teach children to follow rules, take turns, and win or lose gracefully. By playing checkers your child will develop strategic thinking skills and enjoy making kings and double or triple jumps. Studies have shown that young chess players score higher on reading, math, and psychological tests. So desk games have proved to be all-around enjoyment and improve their visual memory, and spatial reasoning ability.

5. Hide and Seek

For Hide and Seek game you need space inside the house to play. Ask one person to count to 20 until the rest hide in different places. After the seeker is done counting, he will find others. The first person to be caught will be the next seeker.

6. Mind Games

Brain teasers and riddles give your child plenty to laugh about while helping them build mental muscles and cultivate problem-solving skills. Why not remove the boredom with something more useful which makes your kid’s brain exercise and score higher in tests.

7. Indoor Bowling

You will need a level space indoors to create a bowling “lane” for this game. Collect items to act as pins such as empty water bottles or plastic cups. A small ball works best for indoor bowling; nothing heavy is needed.

8. Kids Yoga

Yoga is a great activity to enhance flexibility in your kids. Teach your child simple yoga poses which will not only help to keep him engaged but also make him physically active.

9. Home Band

Allow your child to be creative, let him choose his musical instruments from the house like buckets, utensils, and plastic bottles with coins as shakers. It is a simple thing but will encourage your child to play and enjoy, where they can sing along with playing their instruments.

10. A Dance Party

A dance party can be a fun way to spend your time indoors. Let your child choose his favorite music and help him to copy choreographed dance moves.

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