15 Fun Party Games

15 Fun Party Games

Just because we’re all grown up doesn’t mean we have to leave the games to the kiddos. You can never be too old to play a round of party games with your friends and family.

Games are a fun way to interact and to find out a lot about your friends. They eliminate awkward silences, help even the closest friends get to know each other better, and bring a ton of laughter. They’re my absolute favorite way to spend an evening with friends.

And that’s why today I’m sharing 15 of the most fun party games that you can play with your friends.

Try these fun party games

1. Hand and Feet Hopscotch

Hand and feet coordination

Hand and Feet Hopscotch is a great game you can play with friends and family at a party. “Hopscotch” comes from “hop” meaning “to jump” and “escocher”, an Old French word meaning “to cut”. Print and cut the hands and footprints in a printer and glue them on the floor, arrange them as shown in the picture in a column of 3 and row of 13. The player has to jump and follow the image pattern, the one who finishes it first is the winner.

2. Cup-Stacking Game

Cup stacking

For the game, you need plastic cups of two colors and divide the team into two groups. Each group builds a pyramid of cups and then collapses it back to give it to the next player of their group. The winning group is one that makes a pyramid and stacks them back first.

3. Flick the Lime off the Bottle

Flick the lime

The game is harder than it looks. The person is spun around 10 times to make him dizzy covering one eye with his hand before he has to fry flick the lime from the bottle top. This game can be played by all age levels and is enjoyed the most.

4. Musical Chairs

Musical chair

Yes, it’s the same musical chairs from when you were a kid, but it can be even more fun now that you’re older. Let one person control the music to start and stop. Place chairs in circular order and the group have to walk pass each chair. You need to sit properly on a chair when the music stops and you are safe. The one who didn’t get the chair is eliminated.

5. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance game

Make a party playlist that’s fun to dance to. Make one person control the music and everybody else dance while the music is being played, when the music is shut off you need to freeze in your place. The one who is unable to freeze is eliminated. The last person remaining on the dance floor is the winner.

6. Obstacle Course

Obstacle course

In this game you first need to solve a series of obstacles kept in your path first you need to blow a small ball to the semicircle, then place two pencils on your backhand and catch them at once, then increase the number of pencils to 4 then 6. Drop cardboard by targetting a marble at it. Place ten cups and color one with ink. You have to remove one cup from the packing and place it at the bottom until you get to the black cup. The one who does it in the least time wins.

7. Flip Tac Toe

Flip Tac Toe

Flip the plastic cups by placing them and just lifting one end, when you get the cup flipped rightly you can keep it in tac toe, and the one who finishes his tac toe first wins.

8. Mega Bubble

Mega Bubble

Form a bubble with a bubble maker and blow the bubble with your mouth air towards the ring. The one whose bubble passes the ring wins.

9. Fan Out

Fan Out

You need to Fan an empty cup towards the given path. You can use a paper plater to blow air so that the cup moves.

10. Horseplay


Blow wind by mouth you need to guide the ping pong balls into different size horseshoes. Starting from smallest to large the one who does in fewer times wins.

11. Baby Rattle

Baby Rattle

For this game, you need a few gumballs and two empty bottles. Transfer all gumballs from one bottle to the other. The one who does first wins.

12. Candy Pendulum

Candy Pendulum

Hit the balls kept on the bottle with a candy pendulum into the glass kept near it. The one who does the most wins.

13. Walker Bottle

Walker Bottle

Place a bottle on a 7 spaced mark. and flip the bottles the one who gets rightly flipped gets to move the bottle and when he reaches the last point wins.

14. Blow Stack of Cards

Blow stack of cards

Blow loosely stacked cards from a bottle top. The tricky thing is you must blow the right amount of air so that one card still remains at the top.

15. Sticker Stalker

Sticker Stalker

Give each guest 10 stickers which they have to stick to other guests without them noticing it. If you are caught then the other guest gets to stick a sticker on you. The first guest to stick all the stickers wins.

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