How to Dress for Work

How to Dress for Work

When dressing up for office one has to look stylish and trendy. Try to follow the dress code set up by your workforce. Here are a few styles and tips to remember while dressing for work.

What to wear to the office

  • Jacket / Blazer

Softly draped jackets will make you look cooler. A well-fitted blazer pairs perfectly with anything dresses, skirts or trousers.

Similarly, blazer dresses are another item of formal clothing for women that make you look put together and ready for all professional setups. You can experiment with your style and preference and find suitable blazer dresses.

  • Trouser and Formal Shirt

Avoid anything too tight. Wide-legged pants are com forty and look good while in work and should be paired with a formal shirt of matching color.

  • Formal Skirt and Shirt

The skirt looks good and is comfortable but avoid skirt above knee length, same goes for work dresses don’t wear minis in office. Long skirts look good while at work.

  • Saree
 Saree at work
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Saree is an Indian traditional dress that is being worn by every woman in India. Saree is a flexible outfit that you can select in various styles according to where you need to wear them. Saree needs to be a bit casual for office wear, while silk and embroidery sarees make you look gorgeous and glamorous especially at office parties.

  • Suit

Salwar Kameez is an Indian dress and is worn by an almost maximum Indian woman. You can wear your dresses as Kurtis with leggings or a simple Salwar Kameez with a dupatta.

Comfort is Important

Comfort is important while at work but you also need to be covered up that is an important thing for Indians. Wearing pants and a blouse works and if you choose to wear a skirt then it should be past your knees, which means while you are seating your knees should be covered. The main part is the clothes you are wearing must be clean and well Ironed. Too much cleavage is worst for office wear if your top neckline is below 2 inches then try a scarf with it.

Colors Matter at Work

Bright and dazzle colors are not for office wear. Choose colors like navy blue, gray, black for pants. For shirts stick to white, cream, black for shirts or sweaters. Bright colors go well if you are wearing salwar kameez or sarees. The knee-length tunic also looks good in the office.


In India wearing accessories is a trend everywhere be it college or work. It makes your look enhanced, but you should not overdo it, wear minimal accessories at work to give a professional look.

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