5 Tips On How To Remain Healthy In Office

5 Tips On How To Remain Healthy In Office
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Sitting in the office for hours constantly has been linked to health problems obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. We gain weight become less active and get more often sick, but working in the office is something we can’t avoid.

Balancing a full-time demanding job and staying healthy is a tough job. So we are providing you with 5 tips, that will help you to remain active and healthy even after working hours at the office.

1. Stretch – Alternate Sitting and Standing

Sitting regularly for hours is extremely bad for your health, it’s not only bad for your posture but makes you sick. Because you don’t do any physical movement so you start the culmination of abdominal fat, which led to various diseases. So the best solution for it is standing while you work in gaps. Nowadays companies are aware of such problems so they provide you with sit-stand desks.

2. Take Breaks Often

Long hours of working on a computer have lots of ill effects on your health than you can imagine so take frequent breaks from work to stretch and walk. It can be a bathroom break, walk around, or just to stretch in front of your desk. This will help your muscles to stay loose throughout the day and prevent muscle aches, and your eyes get a break from constantly watching the screen. Walking during lunchtime is a great idea, not only you are burning calories, but you’re de-stressing and refreshing.

3. Drink Water Often

Make a habit of drinking water while at work frequently, as many times you are just stuck in your work forget about everything else, but if you have a habit of drinking water you will do it even if you are super busy. So always keep a water bottle next to you, and try to follow the age-old advice of drinking 8 glasses of water every day.

4. Eat Well and Healthy

Healthy food should be your priority, best would be home-cooked food rich in healthy proteins. Ditch diet coke, potato chips, and stock up the healthy snack and green tea in your office cupboard. Eat nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits as snacks in your office. Avoid coffee at the office, drinking too much coffee will make it difficult for you to get good night’s sleep and it will ultimately affect your health. If you feel low on energy, drink juice or eat fruit like orange, vitamin C help you to relax so eating an orange will be the best source of energy during office hours.

5. Office Yoga

Back Pain is common nowadays with desk job people, a stiff back means your mood is lower, sleeping at night is difficult. So all health issues start arising, so better don’t let sitting at a desk get the better of you. Take every opportunity you get in the office to stand, walk, even you can stand while you are on phone calls.

At last, Sleep should be a top priority main priority
We need 7-9 hours of sleep at night daily if you don’t get good sleep then the body will start storing fat and break down your muscles. so sleeping well should be your main priority.

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