Red Beacon ‘Lal Batti’ Banned For VIP

lal batti

Come May 1 and there will be no VIP culture of beacon lights and sirens in India. Narendra Modi government have taken this historic step where only the emergency vehicles, relief services, ambulance, fire service will be able to use the red beacon light.

Only top five category official Prime minister, President, Vice-president, Chief Justice of India, and the Lok Sabha Speaker can use red beacons lights now.

PM Narendra Modi recently tweeted

The Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi were first to ban the use of Red beacons by ministers with punjab following the same, now recently Uttar pradesh government led by Yogi have also banned use of Red beacons by ministers.

This step will ensure strengthening “healthy democratic values” in India. Now a days you can see abuse of the res beacons to show power, sirens used by ministers is not legal and is just used by ministers to gain easy access.