Beginner Yoga For Kids And Teenagers

Beginner Yoga For Kids And Teenagers

Yoga means the union of body, mind, breath, and spirit. Kids and teenagers are too much stressed nowadays, this stress may be at school, during the examination or at home by emotional and physical changes they are facing in daily life.

What is Yoga

But kids and teenagers who perform yoga are less stressed and perform better in academics and all life activities.

Yoga is a simple approach to clean and healthy mind and body.

It is essential for building strength, focus, flexibility and is needed among students of all age. Regular yoga practice is needed by everyone to get rid of body stress. It is not needed to have a flexible body to start yoga, anybody willing to be healthy and smart can start doing yoga.


Various benefits yoga can provide to kids and teenagers are:


1. Reducing Stress – The main idea of doing yoga is reducing stress and relax.

2. Body strength – It helps you to build body strength as it engages you physically.

3. Perfect Body appearance – Yoga not only helps you to gain inner peace but also makes your body fit and change the appearance of your body.

4. Relaxation – Yoga helps you to focus on breathing which relaxes your body.

5. Perfect Concentration – Yoga helps you to improve your concentration, which further helps you in doing better in everything.


Basic yoga poses your kids can start with –


  • Mountain Pose

Mountin Pose

1. Stand straight with body relaxed and straight.

2. Keep your feet together.

3. Lift your hands slowly into a Namaste pose.

4. Slowly stretch your hands above you.

5. Bend your body little backward facing the sky.

6. Stay in this position for ten seconds.

7. Slowly come back to your original pose and repeat.



  • Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Tree pose is excellent for your body balance.

1. Stand with your feet together and back straight.

2. Your body weight should be equally distributed between both the legs.

3. Slowly raise your left foot and shift all your body weight to your right leg.

4. Pull your left foot on right foot ankle bone and make it rest against the right thigh.

5. Raise your shoulder as prayer position lift it up to your chest.

6. Idea is to balance your body.

7. Keep your eyes straight to help you in balancing.

8. Stay in this position for three breaths.

9. Release your leg slowly and try to repeat it with your other leg.


  • Dog and Cobra Pose


Cobra Pose

1. Set your body for this pose with your hands and feet touching the floor.

2. Spread your palms and slowly move them forward.

3. Make an inverted V shape with your body with only palm and toes touching the floor.

4. Make sure your feet are hip-width apart.

5. Stay in this position for three breathes and slowly come back to normal position.

6. Now lie flat upside down on the floor and lift your body up from the abdominal region.

7. Just like cobra lift its head.

8. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and release.


  • Butterfly pose

Butterfly Pose

This pose is done while sitting.

1. Sit on the yoga mat with your back straight.

2. Bend your knees so that your both feet are touching each other.

3. Grab both the feets with your hands.

4. Flap your both legs like a butterfly flap its wings.

5. Repeat it five times and release.


While still sitting with cross legs make an Agnistambhasana pose with your legs, or simply sit with cross legs.

and sit like you are praying for 20 seconds with your eyes closed and you concentrating on your breath.

  • Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose

This is relaxed and rested pose of a dead body. This helps you to reduce stress.

1. Lie down on a yoga mat straight.

2. Keep your legs together.

3. Keep your hand straight on sides.

4. Focus on your breath and on your body parts.

5. Start focusing on body parts from down toes, legs, abdomen, stomach, chest, hands, shoulder, face than the mind.

6. Stay in this position for 15 minutes or until you are completely rested.


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