Advantages And The Importance Of Tulsi

Advantages And The Importance Of Tulsi

Today, we are going to talk about the advantages and the importance of Basil, it is known to all that Tulsi Hindus are easily available in homes.

Tulsi is not only beneficial due to medicinal properties, but it is also considered to be quite revered by a religious perspective. It is considered as the form of mother Lakshmi. Without Tulsi, worship of Lord Vishnu is considered incomplete. There are 5 types of Tulsi – Ram Tulsi white Tulsi Syama, Tulsi Van, Tulsi lemon, basil. If you talk about one line, these five types of basil juice is a medicinal drug.

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Benefits of Basil juice:

Tulsi for the face- In Tulsi, a substance called thymol is found which is good for our skin. Grind the leaves on the peeled coconut, it fixes them very quickly. Regular eating keeps the glow on the face. Grate the basil leaves and mix lemon juice with it and apply it on the face, the face becomes radiant.

Removal of headache or mental stress – Drinking leftover of basil leaves causes mental stress. Drinking any kind of headache, this brew regularly gets plenty of relief.

Beneficial in cough, shortness of breath, and fever – Some basil leaves, black pepper, black salt and ginger boiled in water, it will provide plenty of relief in cough, jaundice, and fever.

Burning in urine – Chewing betel leaves no irritation in the urine. Those who have this complaint, it will definitely benefit.

Benefits of Tulsi in women’s problems – Chewing of basil leaves benefits in the problem of white dander. The period of consumption comes on time. There is no problem with pain etc.

To lose weight – By mixing basil leaves and eating them with curd, weight loss is reduced. To heal the hiccup – chew 3 to 4 leaves of Tulsi upon hiccups, immediately get relief.

Beneficial for mouth diseases – Grind basil leaves and massage them with oil and massage the gums and teeth will not be a problem of teeth. Drying of soft leaves of basil regularly removes the odor of the mouth. There is no infection in the mouth. Mouth cancer is also cured by eating basil leaves every morning.

Benefits of Tulsi in Ear Diseases – Mixing camphor in basil juice and adding light to the ear, it provides relief in ear diseases. If somebody’s ear flows and the ear is swollen, then you can massage with this oil in the outside of the ear.

Profitable in cholesterol – eating 5 leaves of Tulsi regularly does not have a cholesterol problem.

On the bite of the snake – The poison of snake gets reduced after feeding basil leaves immediately. Not only this, by grinding the root of basil, mixing ghee, and putting it in that place gives relief immediately.

For the masculine strength – Mix 100 grams of basil seeds with half a kilo of sugar or sugar candy and make it powder by eating one spoon in the morning. It is such a powerful powder that you will not even need the herbs like Shilajit. It eliminates the physiological impairment.

Bugs in the stomach – If there are insects in the stomach, then the basil leaves should eat an empty stomach in the morning. With this, stomach worms die and there is no problem like gas.

Anti-Agent Ingredients – Anti Agent agents are found in Basil. Who exits the toxic elements of the body. Clean the blood and protect the color of the skin.

For the development of memory and intellect – Basil leaves should be given to the children every day so that they develop a different development in their intellect. Mixing sugar mixed with basil leaves makes remembering power faster. You can also eat it with honey. You will also benefit from this.

To save from Lu – Go out of the house after consuming basil leaves. You will neither feel lonely nor will you be dizzy.

Kidney problem – By making extracts (juice) of Basil leaves and drinking it, the diseases of the kidneys are removed. If someone has a problem of stone in the kidney, then the kidney stone comes out in the bathroom after a few days of drinking it regularly. By eating basil with honey, kidney-related diseases are removed.

For hair problems – Due to hair loss due to massage of Russian basil oil, itching of the hair is removed and hair becomes also removed from the hair. Mix basil powder with coconut oil and apply it in the hair and remove the diseases related to hair. Hair becomes thick and dense.

Measures to save basil – Friends, sometimes you will have seen without any reason the green basil plant causes worms and slowly it dries down. To avoid this, you have to do it that when the flower comes on basil and it gets cooked, it should be broken. On this, insects come and dry basil plants.

How to make basil with vegetables – Separate the black seeds from the rice. In the market you buy a herb from granite, which is called sabja, this is what it is. It is also used for many diseases.

Scientific benefits of basil – Basil should not be broken in the evening or dark because the electric waves of Basil plants get accelerated this time. They give damage to the body. If the garment of bullion is worn in the neck, there is also a reason behind it, it does not lead to vascular diseases. The culprit purifies the atmosphere of the house and removes negative energy in the house. To keep a sattvik idea, plant this plant in the house.

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If a person consumes basil leaves in Kartik month, then he does not have to go to the doctor for a long time. Basil dilutes our blood. Therefore, it should not be taken with any medicines. Basil is a boon that has been sent by God to the earth.

Whenever you put the Basil plant, put the flowers in the sunlight along with the red chunar. This makes you happy and prosperous in your home. It is full of money grains. Burn the lamp next to it in the evening. This does not bring negative forces in the house and the house is left with a bad look. Usually, do not keep the Basil plants where they are made. It is also discolored by putting more water. Tulsi corrects 200 diseases including mouth cancer and kidneys.

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