World Kindness Day – November 13

World Kindness Day – November 13

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana

Kindness means the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Our life will never be judged by what we own, how many latest fancy cars or houses we have, it will only be judged by what we do. Live life with love, kindness, respect, and empathy for others and free your life from anger, stress, negativity, hate, jealousy, greed, and even fear.

As soon as Halloween is over we start gearing up for Thanksgiving its the festive season time to be together with family. But in between this festival one celebration might go unnoticed and that is World Kindness Day. Since 1998, November 13th is celebrated as World Kindness Day to remind and promote thoughts and acts of kindness throughout the world. November 13th, 1998 was the opening day of the first World Kindness Movement conference held in Tokyo which is a coalition of nations kindness NGOs.

World Kindness Day is celebrated in Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, UK, Italy, and India. Even the smallest gesture like a smile can make a difference in someone’s day. By treating others with kindness can encourage happiness in both your and others’ lives.

Love is the Key to happiness.

Few people would disagree with the idea that a kind of action is good for the soul. It is a win-win situation, leading to a sense of well-being both for the receiver of this kind gesture, as well as for the person who does the action. As a simple example, let’s imagine you have a workmate who always does a very good job. How about taking a moment to mention this to them, just in conversation or perhaps by email? The effects of this will probably be quite clear: your workmate will be happy to receive some praise and, in addition, you will probably feel good about yourself for having spread a little joy.

What you can say to brighten someone’s day.

❤️ You look great today!
❤️ The shirt looks good on you.
❤️ I appreciate you.
❤️ You should be proud.
❤️ I’m proud of you.
❤️ I love you.
❤️ You’re better than you think.
❤️ That smile looks good on you.

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

❤ Call or visit someone who is sick
❤ Pay someone’s toll
❤ Smile at your co-workers today or make
someone laugh
❤ Praise your coworkers
❤ Bring a toy for “Toys for Tots”
❤ Bring a treat for your coworkers
❤ Send a note of appreciation
❤ Give someone a vacation (offer to watch kids and let them go for a massage)
❤ Help an unemployed friend
❤ Give someone a hug
❤ Share your umbrella
❤ Be polite online
❤ Let someone go in front of you (driving or while waiting in a line)
❤ Be patient if someone is going 20 MPH in a 40 MPH zone

Simple animation with a strong message.

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