Why the Clean Beauty trend isn’t new

Why the Clean Beauty trend isn’t new

The beauty industry is abuzz with Clean Beauty brands and products which promote non-toxicity but is this a new revolution for India? Haven’t we traditionally been doing this the non-toxic way for a long time? When was the last time you applied Haldi to get that glow naturally?

What is Clean Beauty?

Anything safe for the people and planet can be regarded as clean. Clean beauty means that a beauty product should have taken human and environmental health into account, using a non-toxic element as a basis for active results and plant-based ingredients. It delivers all the vitamins and antioxidants needed for healthy and glowing skin and hair.

You don’t necessarily need to be an Instagram celebrity or an avid beauty trend follower to realize the harmful effects and toxins that a lot of beauty products have on your body. These dirty beauty additives are fear-inducing enough to elicit a Marie Kondo-style purge of your entire bathroom cabinet, even among the most apathetic among us, from sulfates to oxybenzone, hydroquinone, and artificial fragrances.

Clean Beauty in India

But haven’t your traditional Indian nuskhes ever included toxic ingredients either way? Indians have been going the au naturale way since the beginning of time.

Old is gold, especially when secrets of beauty are transmitted across generations. Grandmothers and mothers know it all when it comes to skin and hair care. To beautify their skin and hair, they prefer home remedies and natural treatments. Now, they may be ancient to us, but they’re still powerful and the fastest way to go.

Chemically-free, skin, and hair-friendly, organic, affordable, and convenient are ancient Indian beauty secrets. Here are a few traditional Indian beauty ingredients, handpicked for skin and hair treatment, from the book of everlasting Indian beauty.

• Neem is a perfect alternative if you want to break away from chemically laden items for your skin and hair. It can be easily found anywhere because it is growing everywhere in India. Using neem leaves on your skin every day is a safe and successful way of destroying your acne issues. Neem is anti-bacterial as well. So, if your body is suffering from a skin infection or a minor wound, use neem leaves to treat it. Dandruff and hair fall can also be taken care of by Neem.

• Honey has antioxidants and healing elements that not only moisturize but also fix your skin and hair. Honey cares about your pores as well. Raw honey can help you get that shine you’ve always wanted.

• Using a Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) face kit to eliminate blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

• When it comes to skincare and wellbeing, turmeric has countless benefits. Turmeric or Haldi is the best thing ever found for skin and hair care, battling acne, acne scars, wrinkles, and dark spots to give you perfect and radiant skin.

• Coconut oil: There is nothing that coconut hair is not capable of doing. It hydrates, keeps your skin and hair safe, and treats dryness.

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The current Clean Beauty approach in India

However seeing as how busy lifestyles nowadays are, it might not be possible to prepare concoctions every day for yourself. So here are the two most important points to look in for a product to be Clean:

1. Ingredients that are non-toxic

Clean beauty, at its heart, ensures you can use a product without compromising your wellbeing. Only healthy, non-toxic ingredients must be on the ingredients list. Clinique products boast of being free from parabens, phthalates, and fragrance. They avoid using allergens, irritants, and ingredients in ways that could potentially harm the skin. And they continuously keep involving their products with ingredient research.

2. Transparent markings

They are on the right road to clean beauty when a beauty company makes an effort to list all of their ingredients and mark them accordingly. minimalist is a skincare brand that lays its emphasis on transparency by showing active concentration used and by sharing ingredient trade names & suppliers. Their products target the most common skin issues ranging from acne marks to sunspots in a highly effective and affordable way.

There are no secret ingredients in Clean Beauty Plain, and clean beauty doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

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