Rajasthani Wedding Traditions and Customs

Rajasthani Wedding

Feel The Royalty With Every Ritual  – Rajasthan is known all around the world for its magnificent lifestyle and rich cultural heritage. Rajputs traditionally have their own distinct individual rituals of marriage. Marriage is considered one of the most important events in a couple’s lives.  The traditional dance, music, gorgeous wedding attires, jewelery, wedding rituals are mesmerizing for any spectator.

Pre Wedding Rituals

Each days will be reserved for specific rituals and functions. Women members of family of both sides involve themselves in making beautiful patterns with Henna on hands, rub turmeric & chickpea flour on bodies and tie a special ornament called Rakori on their head.
Engagement ceremony is the first ritual it is performed at groom’s house where the bride family visit the groom’s place and put tilak on grooms forehead and give him gifts. after this ceremony comes Pithi Dastoor where bride and groom are applied turmeric paste.

Than Sangeet Ceremony comes where every gamily member be it men or women dances to celebrate the marriage. Mayera Dastoor is uncle distrubuting gift in the house.Than Janev is performed where the groom is made to wear a whte thread and similarly the bride worship goddess Gauri.

Wedding Rituals

On the day of marriage the baraat visit the brides house and the mother os the bride does the Aarti and tilak to grooms forehead. After warding off the evil eye of groom he proceeds toward mandap.


When the bride and groom meets they exchange garlands made of flowers and then they proceed to the mandap for the marriage rituals .


A cloth around the groom’s waist is tied to the bride’s bridal Saree or Vesh. after this bride places her hand in her furute husband hand and hoy water is poured.


Where the bride’s father symbolically hands over his daughter to her husband.


The priest chants marriage prayers. and bride and the groom does Pheras or saptapadi.

Seer Guth

The husband puts red Sindoor in his wife’s center hair parting (Maang).

Post Wedding Ritual


The bride and the groom leave for their marital home.


The grroms family welcomes the newly wed couple in the house and pagelagni is performed the next day where all the groom’s family members are introduced to the bride.