Video Calling in WhatsApp Launched

Video Calling in WhatsApp Launched

Nowadays every family member is addicted to the WhatsApp messenger app, there is news for them to be happier. A new version of WhatsApp allows video calls by downloading the latest WhatsApp video call features.

On WhatsApp there is a call option at right-hand side top, along with it comes a new icon for video calling. Tapp the video call option to start a video chat with any Whatsup contact.
It has been almost a year since WhatsApp is testing because of its massive user base of the multimedia platform and the company doesn’t want to interrupt the user by adding this feature.
The features arrive iOS versions before they make their way on the Android version. The only thing you need to do is install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Smartphones and iPhones to enable the Voice Calling feature.

There have been Viber, skype, and google hangout currently providing the video call features but now seems WhatsApp is going to be a top scorer in the game of video calling.

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