Twitter Gets Funny Over Election Result 2019

Twitter Gets Funny Over Election Result 2019
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India is all set to welcome Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India for the Second Term, and Twitter is filled with hilarious meme.

The recent viral trend is #ModiAaRahaHai, we have gathered some hilarious tweets for you to enjoy.

[tweet id=”1131425648868597760 “]

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[tweet id=”1131220599936651264 “]

[tweet id=”1131426762619932673 “]

[tweet id=”1131243901702926336 “]

[tweet id=”1131166064245559297 “]

[tweet id=”1131424664482267137 “]

[tweet id=”1131424580495499264 “]

[tweet id=”1131423438764007425 “]

[tweet id=”1131424700008001536 “]

[tweet id=”1131420445490798592 “]

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