Trend Of Wearing Shorts In Indian Ladies

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Shorts have always been a fashion in India. Do you remember 1980’s Hindi movies? Zeenath, Dimple, Neetu…. almost all heroines wore shorts and mini skirts.

Women in metro cities have exposure to Western culture. Fashion magazines, movies, TV shows, internet, traveling to other countries give access to latest fashion trends.

Women are getting confident, comfortable in the body, skin they have and the clothes they ware. People around them are accepting those clothes. Moreover, shorts are very comfortable in hot summer. It has kicked off in the metro cities for summer wear.

However, one needs to keep the body shape, skin tone of the legs in mind before wearing those. It does not suit every body type, and the women end up looking like desperate wannabes than fashionistas.

Wearing shorts is a look of its own. A good pair of shorts can cost you as much as a pair of jeans. But if you like wearing shorts, invest in a few good ones like Indian Terrain, or Levis etc. Again, not boxer shorts which are underwear and it’s not cool or stylish to wear them as shorts.

The latest and classic trend is the comfort and that’s all you should care about, rather than what people think about it.