Transition Of Skin From Winter To Summer

Transition Of Skin From Winter To Summer

Skincare routines vary with the change in weather, you have to see things like temperature, humidity, and winter dryness into account.

We have to switch our routines for skincare, products, and time we scrub and moisturize our skin according to the changing weather, and these changes in particular skincare routine depend upon an individual’s skin type.

As oily skin will produce more oil during summers while in winters dry skin will get drier, this is how our skin will react to the changes happening outside. know more about oily skin care routine

So you have to take care of your skincare regimen and remember you have oily skin during winters and dry skin during summers.

  • Cleansing has to be increased twice daily in the summer months, sun protection should be of utmost importance.

  • Moisturizer needs swapping from high to a little lighter as our skin tends to hold more water during summers, care should be taken in choosing perfect sunscreen SPF 50 goes well in summers.

  • Exfoliation is necessary to keep the glow in your face, it removes your skin’s dead cells and unblocks pores so in summers you need more exfoliation as the layers of makeup and sweat from the heat will cause clogged pores and resulting in acne. Also try these homemade scrubs

  • A facial once in changing weather will act as spring cleaning and having regular facials is important in the summer months as it will help you to fight sun damage done by UVA/UVB rays to your skin.

  • A summer makeup routine is much simpler,  in hot weather skin has more tendency to become clogged as oil glands produce more sebum using the mild cleanser twice a day will help and always moisturize your skin after cleansing. don’t forget your sunscreen as sunburns are just not unattractive they also lead to sun damage, wrinkling, and increased risk of skin cancer.

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