Tips for Eye Care

Tips for Eye Care
Eye Care

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.  The inner beauty of a person is shown through the eyes. 

The super rule for beautiful eyes is getting enough sleep. Here are some other tips to help keep your eyes looking beautiful:

1) To lighten dark circles around your eyes, grate a small peeled cucumber or potato. Apply the pulp to small gauze squares. Then put the squares on the dark area and lie down for 20 to 30 minutes. Sponge off the residue.

2) Smooth eyelids and erase wrinkles by applying whole milk to the area and letting it remain there all day. Repeat frequently. The butterfat in the milk will nourish the skin.

3) Achieve eye sparkle this way: Moisten cotton pads with ice water or witch hazel. Lie down and close your eyes with the soaked pads over them. Rest for 10 minutes. Now put a light foundation shade beneath your eyes to disguise any lines or shadows. Use your regular makeup shade on your face.

4) You can reshape your brows this way: Cover the brows with an opaque makeup base. Now draw in a new brow line with an eyebrow pencil. Try one shape after another until you find one that makes you look bright and more youthful. Then use the penciled line as your guide to tweezing.

Note: Pluck eyebrows before bedtime so any redness will disappear overnight. Never remove the hairs from above your eyebrows.

5) When using a pencil apply small feathered strokes. Start at the inner corner and work outwards. Blend the color with a brush.

Makeup To Make Your Eyes Your Best Feature

Wide-set Eyes

Bring wide-set eyes closer together with dark shadow:

1) Sweep taupe shadow across the lids, keeping it darker at the inner corner and fading it out lightly as you move to the outer corner.

2) Line the inner half of the upper and lower lash lines with a chocolate brown pencil.

Close-set Eyes

Widen your eyes with light shadow:

1) Dab the lids and inside corner of the eye with white, sand, or ivory shadow.

2) Starting at the iris, rim just the outer half of the upper and lower lash lines with a charcoal eye pencil.

Small Eyes

Make them look bigger with white eyeliner:

1) Line the inner rim of the lower lashes with a white eye pencil.

2) Sweep a light pink or silver shadow on the inner corners of the eye.

Protruding Eyes

1) Sweep dark brown powder across the lid, using a heavy hand on the outer corner of the eye.

2) Smudge the bottom portion of the eye with the same color.

Hooded Eyes

1) Sweep a white shadow on lids and brow bone.

2) Pull an eyebrow up from the arch to apply a taupe shadow in the crease; when you let go of the brow, the crease falls in a higher place and acts as a mini eyelid lift.

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