The Dirty Little Secret Of The Shopping Cart

The Dirty Little Secret Of The Shopping Cart
Shopping cart

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There is a common assumption that the toilet and bathroom are the dirtiest places where germs reside. But the reality may be something else, there are a lot of things you touch daily and never thought about how many germs and bacteria they transfer while you touch them.

You must be aware of disinfectant wipes / sanitary wipes on the entrance of almost all grocery outlets and shopping centers, how many times have you cared to use them before holding a shopping cart. Shopping Carts are home to saliva, blood, fecal matter, mucus (and worse), plus Listeria, Salmonella, Staph, E. Coli, and general individual bacteria.

It has been found by researchers that shopping cart handles are one of the most contaminated public surfaces, even dirtier than most public restrooms. Throw in the germs that may come off raw food, Children can be a source of the germs, how many times do shopping cart carries babies wearing diapers and you use it to keep your tomatoes and apples safe.

It is obvious that we are exposed to hundreds of bugs whenever we come into contact with objects used by large numbers of other people and the shopping cart is one of them. Baskets are much safer than shopping carts as Baskets are not used to carry kids, But just to be safe, you should probably make time to wipe down the basket, too.

Supermarket’s restroom is cleaned regularly with disinfecting cleaners but nobody cleans and disinfects shopping carts. It is found if you thoroughly wet the surfaces with a benzalkonium chloride wipe, “you’re going to get way over 99 percent” of the germs.

So next time you are using a shopping cart be sure you use the disinfectant wipes before handling it and give your hands and food a good wash after coming back home. And if you’re a parent and worried about your child encountering yucky bacteria, buy baby shopping seat covers to keep Junior germ-free.

Always try to follow “good hand hygiene” make a habit of thoroughly washing your hands before eating anything.

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