Sita Navami

Sita Navami

According to Vedas, Puranas, and scriptures, Mother Sita was revealed on Shukla Paksha Navami in Vaisakh month. Accordingly, Sita Navami is on 16th May, 2024. On the day of Sita Navami, by worshiping Mother Sita, you can easily overcome the difficulties as well as your diseases and family strife can be overcome.

According to Hinduism, on the day of Sita Navami, the Vaishnava sect’s fasting mother fasts to the mother, Sita. There is a religious belief that a person who worships Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita lawfully, gets the merit of all the pilgrimages. Therefore, Sita Navami fast has special significance. It is also known as the Janki Navami festival. Her husband Lord Rama was also avtaran (born) one month before on Chaitra Shukla Navami or Ram Navami.

Sita birth story

Mata Sita is mentioned in Ramayana and in Hindu religious texts. According to Ramayana, the state of King Janak of Mithila had not been raining for many years. Due to this Mithila King Janak got worried and thought with the sages, then the sages advised. O Rajan, if the king of a state runs a plow in his own field, then the grace of the God of rain will rain on that state.

Subsequently, King Janak, the King of Mithila, plotted the Shukla Paksha Navami of the month of Vaisakh in a village called Punaura in Sitamarhi district under the immediate Bihar state of Mithila region. When Raja Janak was running the plow in the field, a metal collided with the plow of King Janak. King Janak ordered his military personnel to dig at the place. After the excavation, an urn was found from the place which had a beautiful girl. King Janak made the girl his daughter by considering the grace of God. The fruit of the plow is called Sita and the girl was born by hitting Sita. Therefore, this girl was named Sita.

Things related to Goddess Sita

  • The name ‘Sita’ has been derived from a Sanskrit word meaning, ‘furrow’, to indicate her being found by King Janaka while plowing the field. In the Vedic period, she was one of the Goddesses associated with fertility.

  • There has been a long debate with respect to the birthplace of Devi Sita. Some say it is Janakpur of Mithila in southern Nepal, while some view it as Sitamarhi in Bihar.

  • A fascinating reality about Sita Devi is that she is additionally thought to be a resurrection of Vedavati, whom Ravana had attempted to attack while she was under atonement, in order to become the consort of Lord Vishnu.

  • Despite being so loyal to her husband, Sita was asked to leave Ayodhya and spend the rest of her life in the woods when she was carrying Luv Kush.

  • Well, whether Sita was the daughter of Ravana or not, the fact remains that there are various versions of her story because her real parents are not known.

  • Before her birth, astrologers had predicted their first child will become a reason for their destruction. Hearing this, Ravana asked his men to bury her in a distant land. She was then discovered by King Janak, who raised her.

  • Sita Ji was considered to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi who is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, success, and happiness.

  • Another obscure certainty about Sita is that, in a few variants of Ramayana, there is a reference to Maya Sita. It was Maya Sita who was really kidnapped by Ravana, while the genuine Sita took shelter with the fire god Agni, who took her to the residence of Goddess Parvati. Afterward, she came back to Lord Ram after the war got over. Maya Sita is then said to have been renewed as Draupadi in her next life.

Importance of Sita Navami fast

According to religious texts, Mother Janaki Navami has importance like Rama Navami. According to religious belief, the grace of Mother Sita and Lord Rama always remains on the person who observes this fast. By virtue of the fast, the charity of the earth, and all the pilgrimage are attained.

For worshiping Sita Navami fast, after bathing, etc. on Ashtami, make a beautiful pavilion on pure land. The mandapa should be made of four pillars and in the middle of the mandapa, keep beautiful easy and establish Mother Sita and Lord Shri Ram.

On the day of Sita Navami, after bathing and meditating, by keeping beautiful easy in the center of the mandapa, establish Mother Sita and Lord Shri Ram and set a vase in front of the idol of Lord and take a vow. After that, worship Lord Rama and Mother Sita with fruits, flowers, water, sun, lamps, etc.

Mata Janaki and Lord Ram should be worshipped with ‘Shri Ramay Namah’ and ‘Shri Sitayai Namah’ mantra. At the end of the worship, Aarti should be performed and prayed to Lord Rama and Mother Janki and became a partaker of his blessings.

Mantra for Sita Navami

श्री सीतायै नमः, श्री सीता-रामाय नमः

Om Shri Sitaye Namah

Mata Janaki Meditation Mantra

ताटम मण्डलविभूषितगण्डभागां,



ध्यायेद् विदेहतनयां शशिगौरवर्णाम्।।

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