World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day

In recent years, the more technically connected get, the more emotionally distant we are. If the meeting and interaction of the people have reduced, then the chances of laughing and being laughed at are also ending. As a result, we are deprived of the unique gift of natural laughter. Laughter Day gives an opportunity to share this gift with each other. Come, on this occasion let us not only understand the importance of this rule of nature but also include it in our lives.

World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. Dr. Madan Kataria founded the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement in 1998. A family doctor in India was inspired to start the Laughter Yoga movement in part by the facial feedback hypothesis, which postulates that a person’s facial expressions can have an effect on their emotions.

Technological advances in the modern lifestyle have given us many things, many facilities, but a lot has been taken away it also includes laughter and happiness. All the material resources and amenities made life comfortable and easy but it snatched away from our time, happiness, and smiles from us. We can see around us that many people have money but they are not able to buy a smile out of that money, because laughter and happiness are not related to wealth.

Many times it is also seen that whoever is rich and prosperous is equally upset and upset. Not only among the rich but also among the elderly, children, and students, the wealth of laughter is slowly ending. Everyone’s life, from small to big, has gathered so much complexity that people are forgetting to laugh. The routine is becoming machineless and insensitive like a man robot the result is less time to laugh. Depression, sadness, and stress are becoming increasingly involved in people’s lives. Depression has been included in the list of the most dangerous diseases of the twenty-first century.

Find excuses to laugh

In such an environment, we have to understand that the best and beautiful way to live life is through the footsteps of laughter and happiness. By laughing a hundred years of life are cut like this, but it becomes difficult to pass even a single day crying. There are thousands of reasons for crying fall short if you find a reason to laugh. For once, easy and universal laughter has to be discovered today.

People are laughing in parks by making artificial laughter. People are going to clubs and trying to laugh effortlessly. There is an attempt to bring a smile to the face by practicing smiling. Watching comedy movies and serials and shows full of comedy. People are searching in every possible way, the whereabouts of laughter.

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Happiness is the core of laughter

If we look deeply, happiness is at the core of laughter. That is until we are not happy inside, our soul will not be feeling that happiness, till then how will there be laughter in the face? Smiling is also a way to live not just in response to our body and mouth.

The purpose of all the physical and mental satisfaction of our life is associated with our happiness. Laughter and happiness are both real sisters. When there is a possibility of happiness, laughter definitely comes along. But Happiness is the elder sister in both of them and her importance is also high.

Because to call laughter, it is very important to have happiness. In whose life these two sisters are present, the life of her life is like a fragrance of flowers, and from whose life it is missing, her life becomes stagnant water. So why not find happiness before finding laughter.

Put all the priorities of your life behind and put happiness on the top of the list. But natural laughter will come only when the mind is happy. Control of needs and desires is necessary to keep the mind happy.

It is important to make a habit of being happy with one’s own situation rather than being irritated by seeing other’s things, other’s success because the needs and desires are infinite. Happiness cannot be purchased with all facilities, but happiness can be enjoyed as much as all facilities. So why not share some happiness and provide reasons to make everyone laugh.

Laughter Day

Laugh loudly and make others laugh

Laughter is such a pleasant and contagious sensation that its effect on one engulfs all the people around it. For example, if a person is laughing furiously and laughing, then the next person laughs. The freshness we feel after laughing openly, effect remains in our mind and brain for a long time. Actually, both laughter and happiness are the results of the positive energy contained within us. If you want to share happiness and take it, then be around those people full of such energy and laugh openly. Talk more and more with family members. Spend time with children. All these will give an atmosphere of happiness and laughter.

Instead of getting upset, keep the mind calm and happy, and share it with family and close friends. If you feel happiness in doing this then you will also laugh. So not just on this day, laugh and laugh openly every day of life.

When you laugh, you change, and when you change the whole world changes around you.” Dr. Madan Kataria the founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement.

Beneficial for health

Laughing openly helps to exercise all the respiratory organs (respiratory organs). Also, there is a possibility of an excess amount of oxygen in them. This benefits both the blood and the brain. Talking about mental benefits laughs release emotions. Negative emotions find a way out and that is their ventilation. If we keep negative emotions within ourselves, then there are many disadvantages, such as anxiety, depression, or tension. Laughing openly means that we are channelizing our negative emotions and protecting ourselves from mental diseases. Laughter happens mostly in groups or with someone, so it also creates emotional connectivity in a way. It also provides a sense of support, so that stress can be easily controlled.

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