Remedies To Smell Fresh All Through Summers

Remedies To Smell Fresh All Through Summers

Hot summers have a common problem of body odor, We have a lot of body fragrance, deodorants and perfume in the market but all these are chemical products and its too much usage causes harm and other side effects.

Through this article, we like to share some effective home remedies which will help you stay fresher for long without dousing yourself in chemical perfume every hour.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a natural deodorizer and it kills the bacteria that causes body odors it is great in absorbing just like talcum powder and is a natural hypoallergenic compound, you can apply baking soda to your armpits. Lemon juice can be mixed with baking soda and applied underarms keep it for 10 minutes and wash it off with water.


Vinegar is an anti-bacterial and astringent agent you can dip cotton balls in vinegar and apply in youyourderarms, it not only keeps odor always but also help in removing skin tans.

Rose water 

Rose water is a very soothing remedy for body odor, applying rose water under arms will deodorize the area and will give you a long lasting rose fragrance.

Tea tree oil

Tea Tree oil have naturally antibacterial, antiseptic properties which will help in killing smell causing bacteria

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar have anti-bacterial properties it lowers the skin’s PH so the odor causing bacteria cannot survive. It is also a natural astringent agent that controls sweating.

Tomato juice 

Tomato juice have a natural antiseptic property which makes it useful in keeping body odor at bay just add tomato juice in your bathing tub and bath with it.


Rosemary oil have  antimicrobial properties  which help in killing odour causing bacteria. You just need to add rosemary oil in your bath tubs to prevent unpleasant odour.

Lemon juice

The acidic property of lemon juice also lowers the skin’s PH and making for bacteria  causing odor hard to survive, just apply the juice on you armpits and wipe your skin dry.





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