10 Tips For Hair and Skin Care In Summers

10 Tips For Hair and Skin Care In Summers
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Summer is the most loved and hottest season, with a lot of sunshine and school vacations, and endless fun. But it comes with several skin and hair problems that you have to take care of. To prepare for summer and keep your hair and skin healthy and glowing you will need certain special care to fight summer dryness.

During summers your skin starts drying and the natural moisture fades, and hairs start falling. People who remain under the sun for longer time face problems like sunburn, tanning, rashes.

Try these 10 tips to take care of your skin and hair during summers.

1. Use all-purpose cream in the summer and rainy seasons. This will save your skin from summer dryness and make it soft and supple.

2. Too much sun exposure will damage your skin, direct sunlight will damage the elastic tissue of the skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen before stepping out of the home.

3. Makeup in summer is a big no-no, but sometimes it becomes necessary to do the makeup so use a vanishing cream before doing make-up on the face. By doing so hot weather will not bother you and you will feel better.

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4. If you are forced to stay under the sun for a longer time then keep yourself well hydrated. Keep on drinking water or juice at regular intervals.

5. During summer you should use a natural face pack once a week. You can use sandalwood powder, turmeric or Aloe Vera face pack on the face.

6. If you have dry skin then it will get drier in summers, banana is a natural way to take care of it. Peel the banana and mash it, apply it evenly on your face, and wash it off.

7. Don’t use talcum powder if your skin is dry, as it will absorb all the skin moisture leaving your skin drier. Also Read: Homemade Remedies For Skin Tanning

8. Massage your hair with yogurt it will make your hair soft, dense, dark, shiny, and long.

9. If you have a dandruff problem, then soak Fenugreek seeds at night, in the morning grind, and massage it on your head. Wash it after 15 minutes. you can also use yogurt once a week to wash your hair to solve the dandruff problem.

10. Shampoo and condition your hair every other day and massage your hair with oil once a week.

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